Monday, September 18, 2017

Casen 1st Baseball Game!

 Casen started his 1st baseball game yesterday ever! His team was the Bees (For Salt Lake City Bees). He had a blast! He even asked to be the catcher in the last inning and they said OK! He loved doing that! It was pretty cool since Casen started on the same field that Steve started on! Daddy was emotional about that! So sweet!
 He hit the ball 3 times. The 3rd time an older kid caught it so he was out. But he did so well!

 Suiting up to be catcher!

Monday, August 28, 2017

4th Year at Strong Studio Dance Picnic

Disneyland, Leap the Movie, Downtown LA/Olvera Street

 We started Saturday at Disneyland bright and early!

 The kids being crazy by the carousel!

 Then we met all of Jocelyn's dance friends for Leap! The kids had VIP leather seats with fold back chairs! They loved it. Casen went too and loved all the girls laughing at his jokes!
 Then we picked up Daddy and went to downtown LA on the Amtrak train! We took it from Fullerton! The kids did so well and really had a fun! We ate at a taco truck festival, caught a parade and then went to Calle Olvera for taquitos!

 Caught a parade! Daddy loved taking the photos!

 Taco truck quesadillas are so good!
 Calle Olvera....AKA Olvera Street! Jocelyn got a guitar and Casen got a bow and arrow!
Our train didn't leave until 7:40 so Steve took some shots in the train station. He even met some other IG street photogs and they exchanged social media accounts. All in all it was a really fun, exhausting, adventurous day!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Back to School Photoshoot - 2nd and Kindergarten

 We did a mini session Back to School photoshoot with Heidi. The kids did really well. It was a short 15 minutes for each kid! Loved it!

 We got a sneak peak already! Jocelyn looks so grown up! Casen's "sneak peak" was all his outtakes since he was being rather silly and making up all these fun poses himself! Had fun trying to get him to be serious!! LOL! At least he wasn't crying though! Ha!
Here's all of them: