Thursday, November 16, 2017

Jocelyn's Class Photos from 1st Semester

 The room mom sent some photos of the kids on random days throughout 1st semester!
The kids at lunch!

 In the classroom making funny faces with Mrs. Rappa! Jocelyn is sitting with Madison and Kerianne.
 Pajama day the day before Halloween. They made spiders with candy after finishing their lesson on spiders.
Thanksgiving Feast!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017 2nd and Kinder

 Jocelyn had a week of being able to dress up for dance. Most days she was a NERD!

 Maren, Jocelyn and Charlotte
 This happened to be the same week as Red Ribbon Week. So much dress up this week it was crazy!
 For jazz she was a 50's girl

 Dress like a hero day at school!
 Saw Scotty at a party this weekend!
 We went to the Los Alamitos Carnival this year. The kids had a blast!! It was really fun!

 Chewy dressed as a police officer

 I got to go to their Halloween Parade this year!
 Kerianne and Jocelyn
 Emberlynn and Casen
 Some of Casen's new friends from Kindergarten

 Jocelyn and Madison
Casen's Class!
 Waiting for the parade to start!

 Ready to go! Casen changed his costume like 9 times! Police, Fire, Army, Skeleton then finally decide on batman. Thankfully all these costume we already had! Jocelyn wanted to be a book nerd since last year...never changed her mind once. LOL!
 We stopped by Jenn and David's before we went back to our house to trick or treat

 Some of our neighbors! Griffin and a new family that moved in a few houses down
 Our other neighbor Mason was scarring older kids with his costume. He did not scare Casen at all! LOL!
 Chewy waiting for more trick or treaters to bark at!
Then off to trick or treat! Stopped by Griffins house a few doors down!