Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Cinderella Recital 2018

 Ballet 2
 Jazz 3

 Bruno with her puppies!

 All Cast

 Horses for Cinderella
 Bruno for Cinderella

 Horses for Cinderella

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Spring School Photos Kinder and 2nd

 This year there was an option to hold something! Casen saw that and begged to take his mitt! He loved doing that!


 We did our typical Easter at home then off to Church. Since it was just my mom this year we headed to Kelly and Ryan's around noon and had more egg hunts and fun there!

 So hard to get a good boy photo these days!

 I love when we get all 5 to smile!

"Why My Mom Deserves A Diamond" Contest - 2nd Place Garnet Winner!

 Jocelyn was so proud to get a 2nd place Garnet jewel for me! She loved taking me to the jewelry store and picking out a ring for me. At first she just wanted to take the garnet home. But we convinced her it would be more fun to pick out a piece of jewelry to go with it! We picked a pretty legacy ring!