Monday, July 17, 2017

Slimey Sunday Playdate

 After church we went over to a dance friends house for a slime playdate. The girls had a blast!

Saturday-Police Motorcyle, Backyard play, new haircuts and Grandma Davis 75th Birthday

 Casen riding his police motorcycle!
 Backyard water play!

 Casen got his hair cut!

 We took Grandma Davis to Duke's for her 75th Birthday! We got a nice beach view!

Jocelyn's Nutcracker Auditions

 It's Jocelyn's 4th year trying out for the Nutcracker. This year she tried out for the Boy Party Scene and Marzipan! She loved party scene so much!
 Aubrey, Charlotte and Jocelyn

 Being really silly with her friends!

Casen's Kindergarten well Visit and Day with Daddy at Nickel Nickel

 Casen had his kindergarten well visit friday! Daddy took him this time! He had to pee in a cup which he thought was hilarious!

 45 lbs and 43 inches!
 He talked Dr. Fukami's ear off as always!
 Whoops he had to get his finger pricked!
 But Daddy got him some sugar to fix all that up!
 Then off to Nickel Nickel where they played for an hour!! Casen his 10,000 points on his first skiball throw!

Casen Sparing

 When you reach Orange Belt you get to spare! Casen was worried about it so we borrowed a friends gear to let him use one day. He loved it and wants to do it!