Friday, March 2, 2018

Lexington Students Read in Casen's Kindergarten Class

 Steve set up a meet up with his school going to Casen's class and reading to them for "Read Across America" week for Dr Suess' bday! The kids LOVED seeing Casen and some of them took selfies with him! He was a celebrity! Ha!

 Steve's TA and soccer kid!

 Casen and Emberlynn reading with a Lex student!
All the kids with Casen and Charlotte

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

1st Rockies Baseball Game of the Spring Season 2018

 Casen was up to bat 3 times and got 3 hits! But their team lost 6-7. The other team woke up in the last inning! Bummer!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Grandma Davis' Life Celebration - Texas Family

 Thankfully Karen's family from Texas came out for the funeral. Sherill Ann and Gerald have known Karen her whole life as Sherrill was her 1st cousin but they were raised as sisters since their family was so close. Their daughter, Jennifer and her younger son, Riggs also came out! Casen and Riggs were fast friends and besties by the end. Tears when they left!

 Casen (6) and Riggs (4) played on the HB Pier before lunch at Ruby's!
 Sherrill Ann brought a lot of old photos we had never seen before! Karen and Jocelyn both have freckles!
 Karen and Jerry's Wedding Photo from 1963! Married 50 years before Jerry went to heaven in 2013.
 HB Pier!
 Jocelyn was so proud of her dress for the funeral. She also wanted to wear Grandma's necklace that Jerry gave her on their 40th wedding Anniversary! She wore it every day since then (over 14 years).
 Jocelyn also wore the bracelet's that her grandma gave her!
 Waiting at the funeral. The kids were so good! Riggs, Casen and Jocelyn
 Steve did the Eulogy which was so amazing and perfect!!

 Jocelyn said she wanted to speak since we knew we were going to have a funeral. She wrote her speech out a few days before and practiced. She wasn't nervous until she saw her daddy speak and cry. I think that made her more nervous and she looked up at me and said she didn't want to do her speech anymore. I knew she would regret it so I just comforted her. When they called her name she stood right up and did it. Thankfully daddy went up with her and she did amazing too! No dry eyes at sweet! We were so proud of her!

 Sherrill Ann, Jennifer and Gerald

 Jocelyn, Nicolas, Riggs and Casen
 Gerald, Sherrill Ann, Robin and Steve
Everyone!! Such a great weekend! But we are all so exhausted!!

Spring Baseball - Colorado Rockies!

 Saturday was photo day! Casen was drafted quickly to the Rockies and his old coach didn't get a chance to get him. But we are making new friends and love the new team!

 His friend Adrian is also in his kindergarten class!