Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Back to School Photoshoot - 2nd and Kindergarten

 We did a mini session Back to School photoshoot with Heidi. The kids did really well. It was a short 15 minutes for each kid! Loved it!

 We got a sneak peak already! Jocelyn looks so grown up! Casen's "sneak peak" was all his outtakes since he was being rather silly and making up all these fun poses himself! Had fun trying to get him to be serious!! LOL! At least he wasn't crying though! Ha!

The Great American Eclipse 2017

 Yesterday was the big eclipse that went over the entire USA! The kids school made it a fun event for the kids! They had NASA glasses for each kid and everyone brought blankets! It was a really cool thing for the kids to be part of!

Monday, August 21, 2017

School photos 2nd and Kindergarten

Jocelyn's Ballet Practice Photos

 Just some of Jocelyn dancing last week. Doing her ballet barre stretches and warm ups!

1st Day of Kindergarten and 2nd Grade

 Casen started Kindergarten this year!! Cannot believe it! He's still loving the Army and wants to be an Army guy or SWAT or police...changes daily! He still loves TKD and starts baseball in the fall!
 Casen's 1st Day of Kindergarten, Daddy's 1st day of his 21st year of teaching and Jocelyn's 1st day of 2nd Grade!

 This year they did things a bit different as they did registration, orientation, photos, PTA all a week before school started in one day! Pretty cool actually! Then they got their schedules at the end!

 Lining up for our 1st day. Jocelyn was pretty upset that none of her besties were in her class. BUT she quickly got over that once she saw a few friends! She's making new ones already!
 Annabelle and Jocelyn! In separate classes after being in kinder and 1st together! They miss each other!
 Casen lining up for his first day of kindergarten! He wasn't too nervous actually! He did really well! He actually wanted me to leave already! LOL! The teacher (Mrs. Collins) read a book to the kids called the Kissing Hand and then at the end the kids kissed their hands and blew us a kiss!