Monday, August 31, 2009

Nursery Progress!

Her room is coming along, but not completely finished yet! I finished the mural design on the wall this weekend! It was actually not as hard as I thought it was going to be. The stripes took a LOT of planning and I think that is what helped it go so smoothly! I did 8" stripes which ended up being pretty even over the entire wall with 1/4" to spare at the end. I read some turorials on doing stripes to get some "helpful tips" but for the most part I just kinda dived in! Blue tape is your best friend for all stripe projects! I just made sure it was stuck to the wall really well so the paint wouldn't leak through to sides! Using a credit card helped versus just pushing it down with your fingers.
To do the design part, I took a picture of her bedding in the crib. Then I uploaded it to Illustrator and drew out the design. Then I messed around with it until I came up with a design that would look good on a wall! So it's not the same exact design in her bedding but just designs pulled from it. Then I printed it out and used a projector to project the imagine onto the wall. Then I traced the design with a pencil. Then I filled in the colors I wanted! Waaah-la! Design complete! Ha!
We are going to put her name in the middle of the two designs. But we are keeping her name a surprise until she is born! We want her to know it first and then we will tell everyone else! Stop guessing Kelly!

My hospital bag/suitcase is on her ottoman. Everytime we remember something else we put it in there. We definitely have a lot more to pack in there! We also still have to put up her curtains. We put one of those pull down outdoor blinds on the outside of her window. The sun comes right in this room in the afternoon and was making it too hot. So that as definitely helped to keep it cooler and darker during the daylight hours!
The armoire that Steve put together! She already has lots of stuff to put in it! Definitely needs to get more organized though!
Her changing table that Steve also put together. We have some stuff to put above it but it's not complete yet.
Her closet that needs a lot more sorting! She is so spoiled already!

So it's coming along but we still have a lot more to do before it's complete!

Carseat Cover

I decided to tackle the carseat yesterday! I wanted to get the carseat cover on it and figure out how to adjust the straps and all. We went back to The Baby Guy at the Orange County swap meet to get the cover. We had the intentions of getting a purple one but when we saw the red/turq, cherry themed one we fell in love with it! Plus it matched our red stroller so it made sense! He has SO many patterns to choose from it's really hard to pick just one!

We put the babies first Teddy Bear given to her by Grandma E. in the careseat. She is testing out the seat to make sure it's safe!

Friday, August 28, 2009

It's the 28th!?

Wow, it's the 28th of August...and we are due the 28th of Sept....30 days away!? We can not believe how fast August went. It feels like I JUST turned my calender from July! I guess that is what happens when you have a super busy month!

Now when people ask "how far along are you?"! I hestiate to say "9 months!" Lots of people give me the side eye and a very confused look at that response! What they (seems most of the people at my work with no kids) don't realize is, I still have 4 wks left. I just started my 9 months which is why us women are pregnant for 10 months! It's like a bonus 4 wks I way to look at it! Ha!

Tonight we are off to Shannon and Todd's to see their new house! We will have dinner by the pool! It will be so nice considering it's 100 degrees today! At lunch it was 115 in my work parking lot! As you can imagine, I opted not to go out!

Steve has been super nice to let me use his car the past few days as mine needed some work! He took care of everything!! We pick it up today and hopefully it will be the last time I need work on it before we trade it in! Woohoo!

Steve has been back to school since Thursday but with teachers only! Everyone is working out the kinks and they will all be ready for the kids on Monday! We pray it's a good first week back for him!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Emma-5 1/2 months

I went up to see Emma on Saturday afternoon since Kelly and Ryan are busy until mid Sept! I had to get my Emma fix! She is all smile these days! We had a good time and Kelly and Ryan loaded me down with clothes that Emma has already grown out of! So nice!

She loved this light up star so much from her baby gym, that they put it on her saucer too! She just stares at it like it's her best friend! It's too cute!

Smiling at her Daddy!
We wore her out! She slept for an hour and half like this! Nothing better!


We are now 35 weeks, which means we have 35 days until our due date! Just a fun numbers thing during pregnacy that I thought I would post about! Feeling good but definitely getting sore and tired MUCH faster than I'm use to. It's really hard to slow down! Ha! Room is almost done too! I'll post pictures when it is! Happy Monday!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

34 1/2 week Dr's appt

Our doctors appt went well yesterday! Heartrate was 156bpm this time! Highest it's been since she was 5wks! She must have been moving around! We got yet another ultrasound but you can't see anything in it. So I won't post it.

We were informed that this was our last "fast" appt. From here on out we have to do NST (stress tests) test at each visit. They just hook me up to a machine and see how the baby is tolerating everything and make sure the placentia is ok! Usually only takes about 20 minutes but then afterwards you have to see the doctor and review it so I guess time adds up!

Strangely, they booked every appt for us until we are due! I guess since we have the NST test at every appt from here on out, they do that!? Not sure! But it sorta freaked us out since it made us realize her due date is 5 wks away now! Wow! 40 days to go!

My feet have started to swell again! Mostly my left foot/ankle! I now refer to it as my "cankle"! Before if they did swell, it would go down well before the morning. But not so much anymore! They were so HOT last night that Steve got me some frozen veggies to put on them. He joked that I needed to let him know when dinner was ready because he was sure I'd be able to boil them on my feet! Poor baby feetsies!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Addiction to Junior Mints

If I keep eating Junior Mints at this rate, we may come out with a baby that looks like this! I'm addicted!!!! But the box says "a low cal candy" so that makes it ok then! At least it does in my mind!

Monday, August 17, 2009

1984 Has Ended...Err, Changed

It looks like the President has changed his mind about the policy of sending emails of "fishy" content and conversations to the Whitehouse!

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Shower

My shower was this past weekend on Sat. Aug. 8th! Jenn, Missy, Shannon and Kelly threw it for me at Jenn's house! They went WAY over and beyond! They put SO much work into everything I couldn't believe it! It was a car, sock hop, pink/black theme! The details were just too cute! We had In&Out for lunch to carry out the theme along with rootbeer floats! It was such a great day and everyone was so generous! Steve and I feel so blessed to have such great friends and family! Thanks again everyone!
My mom made strawberry cupcakes! Yummy!

These signs where mounted with tires! So cute! There was 50's music playing in the background too!

The favors were Greece themed rubber duckies!

The invite Missy and Jenn slaved over!

Emma, my cousin Caroline, my mom and Aunt Kristi

Karen (steve's mom) and Carol, a family friend!
The girls! Shannon, Zena and Dana!

Zena, Dana, Charlotte (Shannon's Daughter-9wks) and me!
Natalie and Shannon!

My sister in law, Robin!
Carol and Karen again!
JPT...or Jennifer as I like to call her! Heehee!
Tanya and I!
One of the games was to blow as big a bubble as you could with your pink bubble gum!

The only pregnant girls left! Tanya, Dana and I!

We took a group picture with the girls that were left at the end!

This picture cracks me up! My mom holding Emma. Emma is teething already and she now chews on her tongue! So funny! She was a bit caught off guard I think since she had pretty much just woken up from a nap! Sorry Emma! Don't you just want to nibble on her arm! Ha!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Did you read 1984?

Ok...Kari and I do not get too political here...please forgive this post...

Please click WHITE HOUSE VIDEO for an interesting, rather, scary blog post FROM THE WHITE HOUSE AND PRESIDENT OBAMA.

The most important paragraph is just before the video clip that has the AARP logo on the brick wall...

So we are to now send the government an email if someone sends us an email, or mentions in CASUAL CONVERSATION, untruths about the proposed health care bill...

Scary...very scary...

Good thing Kari has GERMAN blood in her!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

32 1/2 week appt.

Our doctors appt went well yesterday! We've been going every 2 weeks now. We had been going every 2 wks previously because of my high blood pressure. But then they went back to 4 wks. But now we are at the point where they move every patient to 2 wks who is at this point in pregnancy!

The appt's tend to be faster now but we get an ultrasound at each one because of my high blood pressure. We use to get really excited but now they are loosing their steam! She is getting bigger and her head takes up the whole screen. It's much harder to see her move around now.

Her head is offically down now. It was side ways at 29wks when we had our 3D. Then 5 days later at our 30 wk appt it was down. So she checked again yesterday to make sure she stayed that way and she had! She is having less jerky movements now. Totally normal since she is "locked in" as the doctor put it!

We start the NST tests at 36 wks. It's basically a stress test for the baby. Just to make sure she is handling things ok in there. Then we will get an ultrasounds and on our way!

I'm feeling good still! Energy level changes day to day really, but overall doing well! Sleeping is getting a bit harder, but not unbearable by any means! Although Steve has reported I'm now a snorer! Heehee! I hear this happens a lot with pregnant women! But I just tell him it's payback for all the nights I layed in bed and listened to him snore. He said he now knows how I felt! Let's hope it goes away when the baby comes out...but then the nights will be replaces with crying I guess...Ha!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crib tryout #2!

Now all of Baby Girl Davis' cousins have tried out her crib before her! Nicolas fit perfectly in there on Sunday night! He thought it was pretty funny that he was in her crib! He wasn't so fond of all the pink though!

Here is the picute of Emma in the crib:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Steve got his Masters!

Steve finished his masters this past June! I'm so proud of him! He got it in Junior High Education. That has always been his passion and was an easy choice. He got a 4.0 too! His last proffessor reviewing his portfolio, picked out a few pieces of his work that she recommended he get published! This was always his next goal so that is what he will be working on next!

Steve's parent took us all to Mr. Stox's to celebrate last night! Afterwards we came back to our house for cupcakes and wine!

Over the years Steve's classroom theme has been smiley faces. His students have given him endless things with smiley faces on them over the years so his classroom is filled with them! I thought it would be fun to carry the theme to his party as well! We got his cupcakes at his favorite place, Frosted Cupcakery on 2nd Street in Belmont Shores! Their cupcakes are always super fresh and really yummy!

Steve's sister, Robin and Brother in law, Jeff we incredible generous by giving Steve the Apple TV as his graduation gift. He could NOT be more happy! He has been wanting this for awhile now!

Grandma and Nicolas at Dinner!
Steve's congrats dessert at the resturant!
The family!

Since there is no official graduation song to sing, Nicolas came up with the idea to sing the scobby do song! Perfect, right!? Then he and Steve blew out the candles! Perfect ending to a great night! Congratulations Stephen!