Monday, March 28, 2011

Watching Jack

This past weekend we got to watch Jack overnight. Emma went to my moms house so Kelly and Ryan could celebrate their 4 yrs wedding anniversary! Jack is such an easy baby! He is pretty much happy to do anything and only fusses when he is hungry or tired!

Jocelyn wasn't sure so at first when he started to play with her toys. But after a little bit she started to actually bring him toys. So that worked out. She was still a little freaked out when he came barrelling towards her in his crawling motion. A few times he tried to climb up her which obviously didn't work out well! He just wanted to be in the action too!

But all in all it was a great weekend!

Jack loved Jocelyn's car. I was suprised to see that she was OK with him sitting it in too. She even pushed him around a bit!
Jack is very strong! Anything that comes near him he will grab so you better have a good handle on it or it's going flying!

That was Jocelyn looking at Daddy' holding Jack. She wasn't so sure about that!

You can barely see Jack's hands because they are banging so fast on the kitchen table! Jocelyn thought that was hysterical! The trickiest part of the weekend was Jocelyn and Jack were ready for bed at the same time. So Steve put Jack to bed and I put Jocelyn to bed! Jack only woke up once but went back down easily after half a bottle! Jocelyn even slept in on Sunday so I got some alone time with Jack in the morning! So much fun!
Then on Sunday Grandma E came down with Emma. The girls played and ate some lunch together. Then Grandma took Jack & Emma back home! What a great weekend!

Friday, March 25, 2011

First French Braid

If you have a little girl you know how much fun it is to do their hair each morning. Or maybe in theory but when you are actually doing it your vision usually gets simplified quickly due to the squirmy toddler below you! So most mornings Jocelyn's hair looks like the above!

Thrown to the side in a rubber band after I have combed water into it to tame her bedhead. Then we usually throw in a matching bow or flower clip and off she goes!

She is getting pretty use to this but I still only have short moments to execute it before she starts to pull away!

So you can imagine my surprise when Jocelyn came home with a FRENCH BRAID in her hair after daycare!

Lori also has the task of combing water through Jocelyn's hair after her nap. Her hair is always redone just perfect when she gets home. Way better than I had ever done it that morning! I still need practice. But this time I was so surprised to see that braid! I just couldn't imagine Jocelyn sitting there long enough for that perfect little braid to be created! So of course I had to take picture's because it will be a long time before I can accomplish that with her! But I will sure try very soon!

While eating her dinner of peanut butter & jelly that she requested. Ok well that I asked her if she wanted and she said, "uh huh..." while shaking her head yes!

What hair style will we do next!?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daddy's Soccer Game

Steve had his first home soccer game yesterday! Despite the afternoon rain it was still on! Huge wet puddles all over the field that didn't seem to bother the boys at all. They ran right through them with ease! It was only cold when the clouds went over the sun a few times! But we were bundled up and didn't seem to notice!

Jocelyn could not understand why she couldn't run up and hug Daddy though. So Steve came and gave her a quick hug which seemed to satisfy her for awhile.

Later after the game some of Steve's students walked up to us. Jocelyn was so cute with them. She started "talking" to them and showing them how she can JUMP! It was so cute how much she wanted to hang out with them! Only 17 months and already wanting to fit in! Sigh....

Eating Cheerios and watching the game!

Go Daddy GO! The boys sadly lost. But it was still fun to be able to watch Steve coach!

We went back to Steve's classroom and Jocelyn found some balloons that his students had given Steve for his birthday! She thought they were fabulous and kept calling them "balls!" Heehee!

Santa Ana Zoo

Stephen had a birthday on Saturday! We celebrated by taking him to breakfast first thing! Then as we talked about what to do that day we decided to go to the zoo! It was suppose to rain later in the day so we thought getting there early would be best! The rain held off and it wasn't even cold actually!
Jocelyn seemed most impressed with the monkey's! They swung from branch to branch to show her their skills! She kept saying, "WHOOAAA.." and would giggle everytime they did that or jumped close to her!

She desperately wanted in their cages though!

We found this giant turtle that Jocelyn was not so sure about. With Daddy's encouragement she stood next to it.

They she realized he had an eye! She loves to point out peoples, dolls and animals eyes to us! So I think that warmed her up a bit!

YEP! Definitely feeling better about the turtle now!

But her most favorite part of the zoo was....the JEEP! Seriously? We had to go sit on it twice and when we left the jeep she was very very sad! HA!

Hanging out with some kids waiting for her turn to sit in the drivers seat!

What a great way to spend Daddy's birthday!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

3 months Pregnant!

So we are officially pregnant with our 2nd child and could not be more excited! After 1 ER visit and many naps on the couch, I'm finally starting to feel better. Each day I would get sick later and later into the day some days I only feel sick a few small, short times. I've also been going to bed as soon as Jocelyn is all settled in! It definitely helps when I get to bed early!

I still have to be careful with what I eat though. I'm trying to take in more calories as I lost another 5lbs this month. But the doctor is not worried and said I will make it up in no time! Ha!

I could not have gotten through these past 3 months without my most wonderful husband! He has been so amazing taking care of Jocelyn when I'm not feeling best.
We saw the baby bean again yesterday! It's heartrate was 169. Jocelyn's was 174 at the same stage. This kid was moving ALL over the place though. Jocelyn never moved that much during her multiple ultrasounds. This baby was waving and kicking it's feet! Then it would float up and down! Looked to be having a really good time in there! We saw the baby so clear but when they went to get the shot it would get blurry. So the picture's are hard to see. But it is always so fun seeing the baby!
My blood pressure is only slightly elevated this time. No need for medication yet like I had with Jocelyn. So that is a good! But the doctor will continue to monitor it. Hopefully it will stay down this time!
Everything else looked great with the baby and all my bloodwork came back as perfect! Yippee! Next appt is in 4 wks!

Monday, March 7, 2011


This was Jocelyn's casual Friday outfit! I have to say it really is fun picking her outfits every morning. She has really gotten into as well. Her favorite part is the shoes though. She wakes up talking about them and goes to bed at night talking about them! SHOOESS!!!

I haven't updated the blog lately since I've felt so terrible most of the time! I actually haven't even announced that we are pregnant again on the blog yet either. We have a bunch of picture's of our peanut since they apparently wanted to get picture's much sooner than we planned! I'll update all of that in another blog post along with the ultrasounds. We are 10weeks as of Friday though! I mostly just feel really bad at night now. So that is an improvement from weeks before! Hopefully that stops soon as well!
Saturday we went to Nicolas' first tee-ball game! He got a grand slam his first time up to bat! He also caught a ball in the outfield and threw it to 1st base! All very exciting! It was so cute to watch all the kids! It was perfect weather too!

Nicolas and Jocelyn after the game! Jocelyn had fun clapping for everyone!

Sunday we met Ryan, Kelly, Emma and Jack down on 2nd Street! There is a train set up for kids to play with in front of Ace Hardware. Too bad the wind was coming down the street on that side. Or else we would have stayed longer to play! Way too cold for the kiddies! We had a good time and ate at BJ's pizza for an early lunch! All 3 kids did great!
I'll update more soon!