Friday, August 22, 2008

Steve's Nephew, Nicolas James

This is my nephew, Nicolas.  I was lucky enough to take him to his PALS class last week and snapped a few pictures; we had a blast!

Last weekend my nephew Nicolas James and his mom and dad (my sis and bro-in-law) came over and had dinner.  Nicolas helped me make the home-made, cinnamon graham cracker ice cream...tastiness!

It's been 4 weeks already!

We can not believe it's been 4 weeks since the wedding! We are still talking about little things we remembered during that day. We are also patiently (well sorta) for our proffesional wedding photo's! It's our photog's most busy time of year so we understand...but I'm getting antsy! I just hope they came out well!
I don't think we ever mentioned that my cousin, Curtis married us. He is actually my "little" cousin! He is training to be a pastor now and we thought it would be sentimental for us and great practice for him! Even though I remember the day he was born, holding him when I was 9 years old, thinking his head was really heavy, he still towers over me today! Crazy how time flies by! He himself will be getting married in Dec.!
So tonight we will celebrate at Bono's in LB off 2nd Street! We love that place and had to restrain ourselves from eating their for awhile! But now we are back in the game! Happy 4 wks!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

LA Ceremony Magazine!

So last night Steve & I were at Barnes & Noble! I couldn't resist looking at the new LA Ceremony Mag and started flipping through when I see my sister's face! What? She was on a page that was adverstising her wedding photog, Evoke Photography!
Pretty cool! Her picture was the entire page! So pretty lady! Page 192!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sweet Dreams...

Lately all we watch is the Olympic's! Which we love! But it's making me SO tired during the day! Why do they keep putting gymastics on at like 10pm!? It's torture! Steve's off right now so he watches it and tells me what happens in the morning. He Tivo's it too but I don't usually have time to watch it before the next event starts! We've been watching it so much that last night I started talking in my sleep about us all winning a gold medal! No idea what I said but I know it was something about that. Steve was laughing so hard. He has never heard me do that before. I usually only do that if I sleep in the same room as my sister! She is the big sleep walker and talker! Hopefully this is not a new thing for me. Anyways, I'd just like to say I wish Nastia had gotten the gold medal! It was just too close! Why can't they both have it? Sigh!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

We are going to be an AUNT and UNCLE!!!!!

MY SISTER IS PREGNANT!!!!!!! Woohoo! We are SO excited. Since it's offically out in the open I can now blog about it. She is a little over 10 weeks right now! Due March 12th! I can't wait to meet our neice or nephew! Kelly and Ryan just bought a house in Redondo Beach right off the water and then a few days later they found out the news! So exciting for everyone! Oh and it's only one! She made them check around a lot to make sure we weren't having more twins! She was really happy about that though! :-)

*Side note: We also found out our cousin is having the third set of twins for our family! Two girls! Due in Dec.! Kelly and I are the first set. The 2nd are Sonia and Sam who are almost 2yrs old now and then the new set of girls!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Honeymoon - Day 4 Za Zu was actually Za ZOO!

So we mostly ate at places recomended by the locals right!? We were told about "ZaZu" and we "GPS'd" is and off we went. It took us the sign, it says, "restaurant & FARM" I'm sorry but does that say, "FARM"!? You usally see "resturant and bar" or "restuarnt and grill" but not "& farm" we were skeptical from the start....
Then we step out of the car and see this in the parking lot...ok super random! Then the SMELL hit us! It literally smelled like a FARM TOO!

The "resturant"...we walked up to the front to read their had thanks to any of that! I mean the smell was just really throwing us off even though we have had duck before but it just seemed different!

Steve...we are not eating here...sorry honey! He agreed then we decided to go with another place that we had heard about called Syrah in downtown Sonoma! Success! It was super yummy and I'm still craving it now!


Crab Cakes for Steve's app!

This was tomato bacon soup! was seriously so good and had just the perfect amount of bacon flavor in it! I want more!

Finger liking good apparently!

Chicken for me...with what else but white corn and other yummy stuff that I forget now!

Steve's entree!

Their homemade ice cream! Heck yes it was good!

Snapped a picture looking down at my hand...aww we're married.....:-)

Honeymoon - Day 3 and 4 Chateau St. Jean

Driving into Chateau St. Jean. These grounds are soo incredibly gorgeous! We became members here too! Steve's parents and sister are also members here and we see why now! The people here were so nice. We also tasted the Reserve wines and when the man found out we were newlyweds he waved the fee! Sweet! We actually went to this place twice. The 2nd day we had sandwiches made, bought a bottle of wine and sat out by the picnic tables. They have picnic areas overlooking the vineyards! It's so peaceful and beautiful! We can't wait to go back!

Our first day we bought about 8 or their wines! With the members discount it wasn't too bad!

The picture reminds me of the earthquake that So Cal had on Tuesday! We found out at this winery! We called home and had Steve's parents check our house out. Some doors were opened and some of our medicine cabinets had opened and spilled some stuff out but nothing else! My work wasn't so lucky! Lots of cracks and damage their! My office was a mess but everyone thankfully cleaned it up for me!

We kinda tripped out that all the ivy goes the same way! We are impressed by small things apparently! :-)

Ok where now?

Oh 2nd Day Picnic Picture:

Honeymoon - Day 3 St.Frances Winery, Sonoma

Walking up to St. Frances..we liked this place a lot! The pourers here were really nice!
The grounds....

Steve being created...looking straight up inside the bell!

My attempt at being artsy! Ha! Kinda dark...

Honeymoon - Day 3 Ledson-In Sonoma

Driving up to Ledson's!
So this winery, Steve and I were not so fond of! First off, let's point out the architecture that they put in the middle of the Sonoma Valley! It doesn't match so much! They also do not sell their wines to resturant or at stores because they said they have so many members they do not need to. Huh? We had honetly never heard of them before we came to Sonoma and now we know why! There wines we ok! I did like one a lot and our pourer was really nice so we did end up buying one bottle. This was probably the one and only winery we didn't really like actually! Pretty good I guess!
Walking up.....
I really wanted to just take a big bite...but the grapes weren't so ready yet. We did steal a few tastes

Ok this grandma FREAKED me out! She was on the wall in their tasting room and apparently "watches" over the estate! I didn't like grandma watching me so much..!

Bye bye Ledson....forever! ;-)

Honeymoon - Day 2 Rodney Strong

We went to Rodney Strong around the beginning of our honeymoon. We ended up becoming members here too! Steve was already a member of Justin Winery in Paso Robles. But now we are a member here and at Chateau St. Jeans (more on that later). Their wine was really good and we fell in love with their Port! I think their delivery is 4 times a year.
Outside walking up!

Tasting Room!

Around the grounds they have their history up on the walls to read!

The wood oak barrel room!

Cleaning away!