Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Honeymoon - Day 3 Ledson-In Sonoma

Driving up to Ledson's!
So this winery, Steve and I were not so fond of! First off, let's point out the architecture that they put in the middle of the Sonoma Valley! It doesn't match so much! They also do not sell their wines to resturant or at stores because they said they have so many members they do not need to. Huh? We had honetly never heard of them before we came to Sonoma and now we know why! There wines we ok! I did like one a lot and our pourer was really nice so we did end up buying one bottle. This was probably the one and only winery we didn't really like actually! Pretty good I guess!
Walking up.....
I really wanted to just take a big bite...but the grapes weren't so ready yet. We did steal a few tastes

Ok this grandma FREAKED me out! She was on the wall in their tasting room and apparently "watches" over the estate! I didn't like grandma watching me so much..!

Bye bye Ledson....forever! ;-)

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