Monday, April 30, 2012


 After seeing the stranded Dolphin as we drove by the Bolsa Chica wetlands on Saturday, Jocelyn kept talking abotu Dolphins.
So after church we went to the Seal Beach pier and walked up and down. We thought maybe we would see some but didn't really know what to expect. As we walked back down the pier we were almost to the end when a little girl walked up to us and said, "There are dolphins off the pier! Want to see!?" It was as if God knew Jocelyn just had to see these dolphins and sent her over. Otherwise we seriously would not have known about them!
We waited a few minutes and one popped up! Then he kept popping up and Jocelyn was so excited! She would yell, "I SEE HIM I SEE HIM!" We also saw a seal that was playfully playing in the water so close to the pier and shore! Jocelyn loved it!
 You can barely see it in this photo but it's there! See how close it is to shore!?

After naps we went to the park! Jocelyn wanted to ride on the swings but the park when went to had only ONE baby swing. So after some quick thinking mommy did this!! It was a risky move as most people know you are never sure how a 2yr old will react to something new! But Jocelyn thought it was hysterical! Whew...close one! Problem solved and both kids happy! Woohooo!!!!! What a great weekend!

7 month Photoshoot

*Sneak peak from Heidi's session! I hadn't planned on being in the photos but Heidi convinced me I would like this one! Of course I do!
*She just sent me another one so I had to add it to the blog! I'm offically in love!!!!

 On Saturday morning we had my friend Heidi come over for another Casen photoshoot. She is the one who also did his newborn shoot! She is so talented! She is also going to do is 1st birthday smash cake photos! We will do family photos at that time as well! I can't wait!

However, let's HOPE Jocelyn wants her picture taken by then. She wanted NO part in being in any of these photos this time. It's reached a bad place now! She cries, throws a fit, runs away! No candy, juice or chocolate can bride her into the photo either...because trust me I tried!!! So we will try again next time!
I love this photo that Steve caught of the session! Jocelyn peering around the corner of the backdrop! She wanted to see what it was all about but didnt' want anyone to notice her!
 Heidi makes things so comfortable and relaxed which I love! It's not always the most relaxing thing to get your baby/child to smile and do cute things the exact moment the photog is there! Talk about pressure for everyone! But Heidi's calm and fun personality puts all those fears away and let's the parents relax and enjoy the shoot as much as we can! Of course we had every toy that made noise in the world trying to make Casen smile! It's not hard when him though!
 Bucket time!! I just love his hat!!!

How cute is that plaid shirt! Compliments of Target! Seriously so hard to find cute boy clothes when I need them!

Growing Babies!

 Friday night we had a super relaxing night. We just hung out in the backyard and enjoyed the weather!
Can you tell Casen's face is changing! He is growing so fast!

 Big feet!
 So tired! After I put Jocelyn down I came out to see this! I asked Steve why he was sitting up! He said he actually didn't realize I had moved the seat up and didn't even know it moved. He said he was wondering why he was leaning so far forward. But Casen didn't care! Off to take his nap he went!
 Saturday morning Jocelyn waited patiently as we had a few more minutes before we needed to leave for gymnastics! Love her hair!
 Saturday we went to a few beaches. But everything was so crowded we ended up the Hungtington Beach Library and Park! Amazingly gorgeous day!
They had a stage there that Jocelyn loved dancing on! We had a little snack and up to the library we went to read some books!
It was a great day minus a small scare from Casen eating a leaf! OY! Scared momma so bad!! He is so fast and I have to watch him like a hawk! I alwasy say Jocelyn wasn't like that but maybe it's because she was our only baby at the time and were able to watch her better!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Seal Beach 5K Walk

We all did the 5K Seal Beach walk this past weekend too! We've done it for 4 years now! First one was when I was 15 wks pregnant with Jocelyn! The kids did great this year! Jocelyn never complained and Casen smiled for everyone and then passed out! Stephen walked with us this year too! My friend Jenni and her two kids also walked with us! The rest of our friends ran the 10K! It was nice and cloudy the whole time which made a nice brisk walk!
This picture is from the photo they take of you as you cross the finish line!
 Last night Jocelyn found this magazine insert and said, "Oh dis my mail mommy! It's very special! Daddy sent it to me!" I said, "Oh he did?"
She said, "Yes! Mommy you read me!"
So I made something up about how daddy loves her a lot (mind you he is in the next room this whole time) and blah blah blah! She said, "Oh thank you! So special!"
Where does she get this stuff?
She is also now saying, "OH Pickles!" if anything doesn't go right or she drops something! Not sure where that came from just yet! But she knows it's funny because everytime she says it she shoots us a look and smiles as if she knows how stinkin' cute she is!

She is also still saying, "Who's that mean?" Or "What that mean?" when she doesn't understand something! I think it's her version of "why?"!

She was very clever when I put her to bed last night too! She was clearly trying to stretch out the routine! One of her questions was, "Does Casen have hair?" I said, "Yes, but just a tiny bit!" She said, "Can I go see?"
Ahhhh good one Jocelyn! No sorry it's bedtime!
Her favorite books right now are Goodnight Moon (finally) and Good Morning, Good Night. They are two books that Nicolas handed down to her. Steve or I have read them both every night since we got them from Aunt Robin! Even for naps!! She loves them!
This was Casen as he went to sleep last night! I love his chubby little hand with the rolls on his wrist! I want to eat them up! So fun! Casen is now into banging things together. Everything makes noise and bang bang bang he will go with whatever is in his hands to create that noise! He loves it! New baby babble is "A-Da"!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Casen-7 Months

 Casen is 7 months today! We have pretty much been through all the normal solid foods with him now and are doing combo foods now too! He loves sweet potatoes and carrots and now loves Mango and Banana combo!

 Jocelyn still loves her high chair....but I think even more now that Casen is in one! She will sometimes sit at the table with us too but when Casen is eating she likes her chair! Easy for mom!
 This is what I got when I asked her to smile! Such the 2 1/2 year old now!
 Casen was very excited to get the bowl at the end of his meal. He was so serious because he was concentrating on keeping that bowl in one place and not letting it go!
 Saturday we got to go to the park and visit the ducks! Apparently it's mating season so we had to steer Jocelyn away from them a few times! Opps!!

 Jocelyn loves this CD player she got for Christmas from Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kelly! It has a microphone on it and she loves to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star into it!
Casen is such a big boy now! We took him to the church nursery for the 1st time this past week! Mommy missed him in church but he did SO well! All the ladies loved him and he didn't even cry a drop when I left! Such a difference from Jocelyn!
I still can't leave her without her crying and in fact this time she threw such a fit I gave in and let her come to "big church!" She kept pointing the sanctuary and saying, "i want to go to THAT church! The big one! Not the baby one! Baby one SCARY!"
Jocelyn's new thing is that things are scary! But she actually did really well in church and kept quiet so mommy and Grandma could listen to the message! Hooray!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jocelyn Says

Last night I said to Jocelyn, "Jocelyn!? Are you hungry? Do you want dinner?"
Jocelyn replied, "No, Mine Fine!"

asked a few minutes later again.....and she said, "No, please!"
*note-we still fed her! :-)

The other day I asked her, "Jocelyn who did you play with today!?" and she said, "Ryder! I Ryder's favorite!"
I said, "OH you are??"
She said, "Yeah!!" in her most confident tone!

Her latest constant question's are, "What's that mean!?"
Or, "Who's making that noise!?" when she hears just about ANYTHING! So we hear this A LOT!

Her latest gestures are putting her hand out and bending her wrist in a "don't worry about it" motion and she will say, "OH it's nothing!"

Love her!!!


Steve caught this moment yesterday on his camera phone. I know it so looks staged but it's not. I didn't even know he had taken it until he sent it to me! I just love it!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Laughing in the Backyard

Birthday Brunch

We all went to Jerry's birthday brunch at Orange Hills a few weeks back. Jeff took a bunch of photos of us all. He just sent them to us so we wanted to post them on the blog!
Jerry's birthday was back in Feb but with winter colds and all we couldn't get together until mid-March! We were all glad we were able to celebrate it together!

Grandma Davis and Casen

Casen grabbing Nicolas' nose!

Jocelyn was not in the picture taking mood. So this was about all we got of her!

Casen and Grandpa Davis

Mommy tickling Casen!

The grandson's!

Aunt Robin and Nicolas holding baby Casen!

Getting Grandma Davis kisses!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Weekend

Friday we had a big storm come through! After I got home it looked like it was done. But then the second wave came and it started to rain again! Jocelyn wanted to take her umbrella outside and dance in the rain! Sure why not!

She had a BLAST of course!

Then we gave Casen a bath! He loves when Jocelyn goes in there too to entertain him! She makes him laugh so hard! Love it!

Where'd she go???

There she IS!

On Saturday we went to Nicolas' baseball game! We finally had a free Saturday! He did so great!

and he got a HIT!

Grandpa Davis holding Casen! Casen is wearing a hand me down that Nicolas wore as a baby! It is so warm and snuggly! Perfect for the weather that day!

Afterwards all the kids took a knee and they gave out the team ball! Nicolas has gotten it twice now!

Running the bases!

Jocelyn standing on the P.E. numbers at the school where the game was!

Love this photo! It was Casen's first baseball game!!!

After the game we went to get some yummy BBQ!

They have a playground in the front yard of the place that Jocelyn loves! It had a lot of static in it! Her hair was standing straight up!

In the afternoon on Sunday we went to a friends birthday party! It was hawaiian theme so Jocelyn is wearing a hawaiian dress above!

When we were driving home Jocelyn kept telling me her bike was stuck in a tree! I think she got that from the Veggie Tales movie where they sing about their "BALL" getting stuck in the tree! But she must have heard bike!

So she was adamant about riding her bike when we got home!

She said, "Me going to school! Bye!"

Her newest thing is playing, "school"! She will tell Steve or I, "You be teacher!" and then we have to pretend to be the teacher and she raises her hand and we all go to recess and play and eat lunch!

Oh and she said last night, "my school different! My school PINK!" I liked that!!!

We really need to get her a helmet since she is riding more. Especially when she rides the scooter! We will do that soon!

Off to school she goes!