Monday, April 30, 2012

Growing Babies!

 Friday night we had a super relaxing night. We just hung out in the backyard and enjoyed the weather!
Can you tell Casen's face is changing! He is growing so fast!

 Big feet!
 So tired! After I put Jocelyn down I came out to see this! I asked Steve why he was sitting up! He said he actually didn't realize I had moved the seat up and didn't even know it moved. He said he was wondering why he was leaning so far forward. But Casen didn't care! Off to take his nap he went!
 Saturday morning Jocelyn waited patiently as we had a few more minutes before we needed to leave for gymnastics! Love her hair!
 Saturday we went to a few beaches. But everything was so crowded we ended up the Hungtington Beach Library and Park! Amazingly gorgeous day!
They had a stage there that Jocelyn loved dancing on! We had a little snack and up to the library we went to read some books!
It was a great day minus a small scare from Casen eating a leaf! OY! Scared momma so bad!! He is so fast and I have to watch him like a hawk! I alwasy say Jocelyn wasn't like that but maybe it's because she was our only baby at the time and were able to watch her better!

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