Monday, April 9, 2012

Good Friday

Steve and I both had Good Friday off which let us get a ton of stuff ton! We had to get a lot ready for Easter sunday at our house. I made the kids Easter baskets. Each one has their name on it with their favorite character right now! Jocelyn=Minnie Mouse (although two days ago she told me she LOVES Daisy Duck now), Jacks=the Turtle from Finding Nemo and Emma's=Hello Kitty

We took the kids to Cypress College where we walked around, saw some ducks and Daddy could take some cool photos for Instagram!

Jocelyn's "top" is her dress from last Easter! It still fits but is way too short to be a dress anymore! So threw some shorts under it and she was good to go! By the way now she won't wear a dress unless it has pants under it! Ugh!

Casen fell in love with Dora this weekend! He talked to this book and batted at her face for at least 10 minutes! HA!

I also got to make my mom a cake for her birthday that we celebrated on Easter! I found a yummy peanut butter recipe for the filling! It's cream cheese, peanut butter, sugar and milk! So good!

I wanted to do pink icing since it is her favorite color!

I added a little turquoise at the top for an accent color! All done!

I even had time to make Jocelyn a new bow for her Easter dress! Which came out a little big but she still loved it!

Daddy had lots of time to read to the kids too!

Super great day!

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