Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hanging Out

Jocelyn found our first apricots (or nectorines we haven't decided yet) of the season off our tree! This was a pretty good one until it got stepped on while we were playing! Oh well, we see tons more that need a few more weeks before they are good!

Getting braver on the side...
In Daddy's arms after she slide down!

Daddy talking to Jocelyn's foot pretending it's a phone! Silly Daddy as always!

I snapped this photo and for a split second thought, "Oh good one!" But then Daddy's arm came out of nowhere and mommy was super sad! Guess we could crop it!?

Jocelyn's baby had to have her hat on but who cares about clothes!

Gymastics and Trains

Saturday morning bright and early, we took Jocelyn to her FIRST gymastics class! It's called Totnastics actually! It's for 1-3 1/2yr olds! She was the youngest one but took to it right away! One of the parents even said that they were surprised she was so into it so much considering it was her first time! I guess most kids are very shy at first!

It starts with circle time where each child picks a felt square to sit on. Then they sing some songs and stretch! Then for "roll call" the teacher calls each child up and asks their name and then they can get a ball! Jocelyn was super excited about that part and wanted to run right up before it was her turn!

Then we did an obstacle course that they had set up. There will be a different one every week! They could jump off platforms and roll and tuck into a somersault! Then swing from mini bars and even walk on the beam!

After that was free play! Jocelyn's favorite part was finding a hoola hoop! She was obsessed with it!

Then they have the kids gather back into circle time where each child brings up their felt square and then gets a stamp! Apparently the kids LOVE this part and want mulitple stamps on their hands and feet! Jocelyn has an Elmo stamp that she loves to stamp on her hands as well as mommy and daddy's hands! So when she heard about the stamps she really wanted to run right up! We told her to wait her turn but then she started yelling, "ELMO! "ABBY!" But the lady took way too long and of course by the time she got to Jocelyn she was over it! But she did get one stamp that she wasn't super happy about until she got in the car!

Mommy and daddy were exhausted afterwards as was Jocelyn! We hope she loves this class more and more every week!

Jocelyn has started to talk about "choo-choo's" a lot lately too! So we decided to go to The Old Spaghetti Factory in Fullerton by the train station! We watched some trains come in and out before, during and after our meal!

She about scared a server half to death when the first train came by during our meal. She jump up, pointed and yelled, "CHOO-CHOO!!!" The guy was about to put drinks on our table and he too had to jump back and let Jocelyn enjoy that moment! It was funny!

Everytime the train was gone again we would hear, "OHHh noooo, choo-choo bye bye!?" with Jocelyn's hands on each side of her! So cute!

We couldn't leave without getting Jocelyn some traditional spumoni ice cream! Which of course she loved!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

At the Park with Friends

We met some friends at the park this afternoon since Dana and Jeremie were back in town for the weekend.

Ryder, Dylan, Callie (at the top), Ty and Jocelyn....hard to get them all to look!

Ryder and his mommy Summer!
Loved this shot! Ryder is such a happy man! Always moving! He got Ty moving as well!

Dana, Dylan and Jeremie! Dana is also pregnant again! She is 3 wks ahead of me this time with a boy as well. Dylan is 2 wks younger than Jocelyn!
Jocelyn and Daddy walking to the swings!

Hard to get the momma's to all look in the same direction too!

Helping Daddy

So our screen door fell off the track this weekend. So Daddy was off to fix it. Well of course Jocelyn wanted in on the action. She picked up a screw driver and copied daddy as he worked. Had to snap some photos of that, it was just to cute!

All fixed!! Great job!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Teacher-Dad Blog Post #2

Stephen here...

James Joyce once said "in the particular contains the universal". My daughter had a particular experience recently that has made me think about and ask universal questions.

Last Wednesday, Jocelyn and I were playing in the backyard before Kari came home. Jocelyn was bouncing back and forth between her scooter, swing, drawing easel, and her empty plastic pool.

I do not remember how it happened, but next thing I knew, we are by the hose and she turns it on.

Jocelyn loved it. She was not jumping up and down, giggling and all that. But she was completely captivated with the hose and water. This is not the first time she has played with the hose and water. She does that just about every weekend

You can read the rest of this post HERE or HERE.

Friday, June 24, 2011

99 days...

99 more days until this little man makes an appearance into this big world!

Casen Patrick,
We pray for you everyday baby Casen! Please stay in mommy's warm belly and keep baking and grow more everyday! Mommy loves to feel you kick, move and hiccup all day long! She sometimes want to keep you in their safe forever! God is going to make you big and strong during the next 99 days you call mommy's belly your home! Your cousins can't wait to play with you! We all already love you so much!
Love Mommy, Daddy and Big sister Jocelyn!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekday Fun!

I'm in love with our new lens.....haha! Once I figure out the setting for that each room in our house that is!

I asked Jocelyn to show me what was in her hand....ha!
SO stinkin cute!
Caught telling saying, "no daddy!" while pointing...esshh!
Bathtime! Jocelyn FINALLY likes bath time again! It was a rough couple weeks when she didn't! No idea why she didn't and no idea why she does now!
Bath water looks murky because we use Aveeno Oatmeal baths for her bad excema! WHICH has really helped a lot!

So tired and ready for bed! Right to bed she went tonight!