Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We Got Our New Lens!

So it came in! It's the 50mm, F1.8 Canon lens. It's basically the best price to upgrade your picture quality and to upgrade your camera without getting a new one! We found the best price on amazon! I'm so excited to test it out further and learn even more!

I had a hair appt which means I didn't have much time at all to test it out with Jocelyn-my favorite subject of course! But here are a few test photos!

With my old lens I couldn't get this look in her room due to the lack of light. The photo would always come out blurry because she would move. I could only get to F3.5 with our old lens which wouldn't let enough light in for a good, clear photo. But with this new lens I can get to F2.2-2.4 which is what I needed to get a shot like this in her room! Her chair has the window behind it which makes for a weird light & shadow combo. Also if you turn on the light in her room, then we get really yellow photos. So it has been really exciting to see that I can fix this problem! My goal is to be able to get good shots in any light. So much to learn though!

Yes of course she was eating during this photo shoot! How else can you get a 20 month old to sit still? OH yeah and daddy was behind me making funny faces! That helped a lot too!

I should have changed the setting for these...a bit too dark...still tons to learn! But love having those "ah-ha" moments of starting to understand the process much better!!!

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