Tuesday, April 27, 2010

6 Months, 3 wks Doctors Appt

Jocelyn's Stats:
Weight:13lbs, 3oz
Length: 25 3/4"

Stage 2 solids! Peach/Oatmeal/Bananas, Apples/Plums, Mommy, Daddy, passing toys back and forth from hand to hand, taking her pacifier in and out and biting on it, her Leap Frog Bus (handed down by her cousin, Nicolas), her exersaucer, sitting up, holding her hands up to be held!

Leaving mommy (especially on Mondays), some doctors, shots, green beans, avocados, sweet potatoes, carrots, high chair, pulling clothes over her head, teething.

We had Jocelyn's well visit today! We are seeing a new doctor within the practice that we love! She takes so much time with Jocelyn and calls us at home to check up on her! She remembers her when she sees her and it's what we've been looking for. If Jocelyn gets upset she waits for her to calm down before she continues to talk to us. She never rushes us and asks US questions! Good questions! She listens to the answers and reads her chart and knows her history! Jocelyn is not like all the other kids she sees all day long and she was the first doctor to realize that finally! It makes us really happy and we feel like we can finally breathe a little at the doctors now!

After many questions today the doctor thinks Jocelyn could have reflux. I'd mentioned this to other doctors but they always quickly dismissed it and went to other bigger causes! This doctor has put Jocelyn on Zantac and will check back with us in a week to make sure it's working. She started her on the lowest dosage so if it doesn't work after a week, she will up the dosage and then we will go from there.

Most babies would not see the doctor until 8 months. But we will see her again in 4 weeks for a weight check.

She only gained 9 ounces in a month this time so the doctor wants to watch her closely! We did stay out of the doctors for sick visits for an entire month! That hasn't happened since before she got RSV. So that is definitely progress!

We have started her on Stage 2 food that she likes much better than Stage 1! Her favorite so far is the Peaches/Oatmeal/Banana combo! She also likes the Apple/Plums combo as well!

So we will continue our mission to get some more meat on her bones! However, despite her weight we have a very happy, aware, social baby on our hands!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom's birthday is Monday, the 26th so we celebrate this Saturday at our house! The girls are almost able to play together! For now, Emma just always tries to take Jocelyn's interesting pacifier while Jocelyn likes to grab the flowers off Emma's top!
Grandma (the birthday girl) was in heaven with her two granddaughters!
Ryan and Kelly!
Kelly is pregnant with their 2nd, a Boy this time! Due June 16th!

Jocelyn was pretty excited about the cake!
Blow out the candles mom!

Jocelyn thought Uncle Ryan was pretty funny!
This was at the end of the day and approaching both the girls bedtime! Not to mention that they both didn't get an afternoon nap!

Jocelyn reflecting the days activities while reading a good book!

Happy Birthday Mom/Grandma! We love you!

2 Teefies

Last weekend I got some good pictures of Jocelyn's first teeth! They started coming in on the Friday before Easter. Everyday they seem just a little bit taller. They haven't bothered her for awhile now. But this weekend it seems she might be getting some more. She started drooling again, had a runny clear nose and was pretty fussy! Motrim seems to take the edge off for her. But Saturday night was not so fun! Thankfully, Jocelyn and I got to take a 3 hour nap today! We kept the day easy for her and just played at home today!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rush...Simply Rush...

Anyone who knows Steve knows that his favorite band is Rush...For a two minute crash course as to why, check out the trailer to the new Rush documentary coming out this summer: Beyond the Lighted Stage...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

First time at the Park!

We took Jocelyn to the park for the first time today! It was a beautiful day to do it! She loved it!
Laughing at the kids playing near by!
First time in a swing!

This park has a ton of ducks!
First time I the slide! Except we didn't have her slide down just yet. When she gets bigger will go do that!

You can see Steve and I in each side of the sunglasses! Pretty cool!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kelly's Baby Boy Shower

It was Kelly's shower today! I co-hosted with Kelly's best friend Jen! It went really well and was actually a really nice relaxing day! We got a family photo before Jocelyn and I left!
In Kelly and Ryan's backyard after they had the deck and patio furniture put in!

I was hanging up the onsies and I had a friend! If you look closely you can see the squirrel! He was around all day!

Family! My Aunt Kristi, Cousin Caroline (holding Jocelyn, Kelly, My mom (holding Emma) and me!
Aunt Kristi and Caroline holding Jocelyn!

Hanging out!
The presents!
Claudia (Kelly's sister in law) with her new baby Julia and Kelly, played a game of guessing the baby food. But there was a tie so we had a "tie off" and they had to taste a jar and tell us what it was! It was Turkey but the guessed, Chicken and Tuna! Aunt Kristi won!!!
Jenn made rice crispie treats...
and I made football cupcakes!

The football favors filled with jelly beans!

Sophia, Jen's daughter!
Passed out for the gifts!

Emma and Daddy!

Sophia loved pushing Emma!
My mom made her traditional baby blanket for baby boy Gordan! Such great work!

"My Mom is cooler than your mom" T-Shirt!
Nancy and baby Julia!

It is traditional that my Grandma Jane gave all grandchildren a teddy bear. My mom carries on the tradition for her!

Jen and Preston!

Jenn got Kelly this super sweet sleeper! Just may be his coming home outfit Kelly said!

All in all we had a really great day!