Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kelly's Baby Boy Shower

It was Kelly's shower today! I co-hosted with Kelly's best friend Jen! It went really well and was actually a really nice relaxing day! We got a family photo before Jocelyn and I left!
In Kelly and Ryan's backyard after they had the deck and patio furniture put in!

I was hanging up the onsies and I had a friend! If you look closely you can see the squirrel! He was around all day!

Family! My Aunt Kristi, Cousin Caroline (holding Jocelyn, Kelly, My mom (holding Emma) and me!
Aunt Kristi and Caroline holding Jocelyn!

Hanging out!
The presents!
Claudia (Kelly's sister in law) with her new baby Julia and Kelly, played a game of guessing the baby food. But there was a tie so we had a "tie off" and they had to taste a jar and tell us what it was! It was Turkey but the guessed, Chicken and Tuna! Aunt Kristi won!!!
Jenn made rice crispie treats...
and I made football cupcakes!

The football favors filled with jelly beans!

Sophia, Jen's daughter!
Passed out for the gifts!

Emma and Daddy!

Sophia loved pushing Emma!
My mom made her traditional baby blanket for baby boy Gordan! Such great work!

"My Mom is cooler than your mom" T-Shirt!
Nancy and baby Julia!

It is traditional that my Grandma Jane gave all grandchildren a teddy bear. My mom carries on the tradition for her!

Jen and Preston!

Jenn got Kelly this super sweet sleeper! Just may be his coming home outfit Kelly said!

All in all we had a really great day!

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