Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Casen helping with track

Weekend Fun

 We ended up in Long Beach on the ocean side this weekend! We thought wed

 Casen loved that these waves were not too big! He was in the water and everything! Not afraid at all!

 Jocelyn's first "cold shoulder" top! Haha so cute!
 I played around with some apps
Sunday we celebrated my moms birthday!

TKD Signing for his yellow belt

 Last night Casen had to sign up to test for his yellow belt on Wed! He gets to break wood!
 He did SO great! He was so proud of himself!

 He broke the wood first try!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Lunch at Jocelyn's School

 Loved Ones Day was cancelled earlier in the year due to rain. So they rescheduled on Good Friday which I already had off. Casen ended up coming too because he said he had a stomach ache when he got to school and a lot of other kids had stomach things going on so we kept him home to be sure. He was fine of course!

 Jocelyn's new thing at school is hand ball! So she showed us how her and her friends play this.
 Tether ball! Loved playing this in school!

 We sat with Jocelyn's friend Kiara! So we played with her too!

 Her bestie, Taylor, from Kindergarten played too!