Wednesday, September 30, 2009

40wks and 3 days

We are 4cm's now. Our doctor wanted to schedule an induction for tomorrow at 6am however the hospital said no because they already had 3 other inductions coming in! They will call me if anything changes! The doctor thinks we won't make it through the weekend. However I'm not holding my breathe! We walked tonight and tried to get things going on our own! If nothing happens before Monday we have an appt at 10:30 that day! More waiting!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Due Date to me....

Happy Due date to me...happy due date to me...happy DUE DATE dear MEEEE..happy due date to MEEEE!

Um baby? Did you hear that? It's your due date today! Ok fine, keep sleeping and kicking mommy in the ribs all you want! You are coming out sometime so enjoy your peace and quiet and so will I while we both have it! Heehee!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

9 month Belly

Today we are 40wks. Tomorrow is my official due date..Sept 28th! It looks like it may come and go without visiting a hospital and without giving birth! Hmm...we have mixed feelings about the whole thing! It's been really nice of God to give me an entire week off of work with little responsibilty. But I guess I still question why I've gotten this time off. I tend to have a hard time just relaxing and turning my brain off. I always come up with something I should be doing or I'll just create a project to actually do! I've been able to clean things that are always pushed to the side! I've even gotten to visit Steve for lunch! Her room is ready to go, we just need a baby! It's hard to go out and do things because it's just tiring getting around and it's been really hot. Not to mention I seem to make retail people a bit nervous when I walk into their store! It also takes a lot out of me and my blood pressure tends to go up. So I've been trying to rest, relax and enjoy these last few quiet days!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

NST#3..or is it 4...

I've lost count now! But our NST yesterday came out great yet again! Her heartrate is great. She wasn't moving so much so they made me eat some chocolate to get her going!

They measured my fluids again too and all is well! Her little hand was up by her face! It was nice of the dr to take a second to look again. She usually just runs through and measures all the fluid pockets.

So we are 3 cm's now! Taken 3 wks but the doctor said that 1-4cm's take the longest. So it's 3 less I have to do in the hospital once the time does come.

If we don't go into labor on our own by next Wed., then we will discuss and schedule an induction when my dr is on call. So more waiting!

In other news, my feet are not swollen anymore since I've been off work! It's so nice to be able to walk without pain in my ankles now! YAY!

Ok we will keep you all posted on our progress!

Monday, September 21, 2009

39 wks!

We meant to take a picture yesterday but completely forgot. Hopefully we will get one in before she arrives! So Saturday night we started having contractions. They got to 5 minutes apart for some time but then started to get farther and farther apart. By 10pm they had pretty much stopped. I guess she was just testing us because we were so ready to go to the hospital if we had to that night. Since then things have been pretty quiet regarding the baby! We are trying not to think about it too much and go about our daily schedule's until something does happen!

I'm officially on maternity leave now though. Since Friday actually! I have a list of things to do but will most likely just be relaxing as much as I can. Just going to enjoy the quiet house while we can! We will keep everyone posted with any updates!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

NST #3-Dr's Appt

We had another fun, healthy doctors appt! Our NST came out great and baby was doing well! Her fluids are still great too! I'm now officially 2cm apparently! I was pretty surprised to hear that! My doctor said she is on call this weekend and was hoping to speed things along because she would love to be the one to deliever us! But that is in 2 days!? Are we ready for that? Guess we have no choice! Ha! Steve installed the carseat last night JUST in case baby girl also wants to come this weekend! Reality is setting in for sure! We will keep you posted!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Fun

Emma got to stop by for a little bit with Kelly on Saturday! Quick visit but we had fun with her!
We thought she might be a perfect fit to try out her cousins car! She immediately took the wheel and started turning it! Maybe she will be a race car driver like her aunt!? Ha!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

NST#2-Latest Dr's appt

We had another NST that came out great! Baby is doing wonderfully! She also checked my cervix (super fun) and we are 1cm! As many of you know, that could go on for weeks! So we will sit tight! She said she expects to see us at our appt next week since we are only 1cm now!

She also mentioned she thinks the baby is on the smaller side of the scale right now! I guess that is good for me!

Not too much to report! Feeling pretty good actually! It's not really hard to sleep-it's just that I'm not that tired at 2 and 3 am! So I just kinda toss and turn a lot! I guess my body is getting ready for those middle of the night feedings!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Surprise Work Shower!

As you can see I was really surprised by my work shower! When I came in, my desk was decorated in pink onsies, pink balloons and pink streamers! But I didn't know I had a shower coming as well! The girls in my dept planned it all very well and kept super quiet about it! Thank you Maria, Marivel, Raquel and Christine!!! You guys are the best!

Maria made this amazing castle diaper cake!

Marivel made this onsie and bib! She pulled the picture off my blog and added rhinestones to the flowers (can't really see that part). They are so cute I almost don't want her to wear them! I want to get them framed or something! I work with such creative people!!

Everyone was so generous! I'm stuffed and on a sugar high now! Whew!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

NST and Labor/Delivery

So our NST (non-stress test) was fun yesterday! I sat like this for 30 minutes until I was ready to fall asleep! Except they make you push a button everytime she moves or you feel a contraction. So you have to stay a litte alert! Steve snapped this pix from his iphone so it's kinda grainy. I was sooo sleepy...! All day yesterday I was having slightly painful, consitant cramping that was low and wrapping around my back. At one point they were 5 minutes apart for 2 minute each but it never stayed that way. The doctor said, "yeah well those are early labor contractions-totally normal since you are 36wks". Ok then! She was unphased (her character on most things) by them and won't stop labor if it happens now. She basically said if they start to get closer together for longer periods of time or more intense where I'm having a hard time breathing through them, then it's time to go to Labor and Delivery. My doctor doesn't do internals so we don't know if I have any progress. But you could see the baby contractions on the monitor print out everytime I would have one. I remember what Kelly's looked like and I have a long, painful way to go! Ha! So we will continue to do the NST's every week until I deliver. She said the baby looked great and her heartrate and amniotic fluid was perfect! So that is great news!

This is a shot of the heartrate only... After our doctors appt we had already planned on pre-registering at the hospital that is just across the street. We booked a hospital tour but they couldn't get us in until the 16th so our dr told us just to go over on our own.
The nurses there were SOO nice! I was really surprised at how approachable everyone was! They took our paperwork and then one of them asked when we were due and if we booked the tour yet. We explained that it was full until the 16th and she said she would give us a tour right then! So nice! So we got a one on one! We feel better now, knowing exactly where to go and for the most part, what to expect!
All in all it was a crazy day with lots of info! We felt super overwhelmed when it was all over! My cramping stopped last night and has only picked up a little this morning! So we will see what the next few weeks bring!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Breastfeeding 101

We started out 2 part Breastfeeding class last night. It was held at Long Beach Memorial with Susan Orr! She is great! We heard a TON of info and we hope to retain most of it! It kinda got us excited and scared at the same time for what is to come! Big reality check!

I had no idea Steve took this picture! I was deep in concentration apparently! So much info!Next class is not until the 14th since Labor falls next Monday! We are cutting it a bit close I know! Ha!