Thursday, September 24, 2009

NST#3..or is it 4...

I've lost count now! But our NST yesterday came out great yet again! Her heartrate is great. She wasn't moving so much so they made me eat some chocolate to get her going!

They measured my fluids again too and all is well! Her little hand was up by her face! It was nice of the dr to take a second to look again. She usually just runs through and measures all the fluid pockets.

So we are 3 cm's now! Taken 3 wks but the doctor said that 1-4cm's take the longest. So it's 3 less I have to do in the hospital once the time does come.

If we don't go into labor on our own by next Wed., then we will discuss and schedule an induction when my dr is on call. So more waiting!

In other news, my feet are not swollen anymore since I've been off work! It's so nice to be able to walk without pain in my ankles now! YAY!

Ok we will keep you all posted on our progress!

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