Friday, September 4, 2009

Surprise Work Shower!

As you can see I was really surprised by my work shower! When I came in, my desk was decorated in pink onsies, pink balloons and pink streamers! But I didn't know I had a shower coming as well! The girls in my dept planned it all very well and kept super quiet about it! Thank you Maria, Marivel, Raquel and Christine!!! You guys are the best!

Maria made this amazing castle diaper cake!

Marivel made this onsie and bib! She pulled the picture off my blog and added rhinestones to the flowers (can't really see that part). They are so cute I almost don't want her to wear them! I want to get them framed or something! I work with such creative people!!

Everyone was so generous! I'm stuffed and on a sugar high now! Whew!

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aunt cherie said...

what great friends and coworkers!you deserve it Kari...I love you....aunt cherie