Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finally feeling a little better....

I'm finally feeling better! Better meaning, I'm not running to the bathroom anymore! It was really bad there for awhile and I never thought it would let up. But thanks to Raglan and Benadryl together, I can eat like a normal person again! We'll pretty normal! I mean I'm not craving a steak dinner just yet. I can also take my prenatal's again as well! What a relief. My doctor wasn't too concerned with the fact that I couldn't hold down food or prenatals which surprised me. She really just wanted me to concentrate on staying hydrated! Which I have. I can actually see the viens in my hands again! Whew! So maybe next time I won't completely black out and scare Steve half to death when I have my next blood draw! Poor guy!
Thanks for everyone encouragement and tons of home remedies! I was ready to try anything! Now I just need to conquer the extreme tiredness! But I would much rather be tired then puking anyday!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Family Visit!

My dad and uncle are visiting from back east this whole week. My dad came from Maine and My Uncle Dan came from Indiana! Kelly, Ryan, Steve and I went to dinner with them last night. We took them to Lucille's on 2nd street in LB and they loved it! They are going to see a bunch of fun Cali sites the whole week! We haven't seen Dan for a year and my dad hasn't been out since the wedding. So it has been fun catching up with them again!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

9 weeks Pregant!

Well this is our baby! We are 9 weeks tomorrow! We had our first doctors appt on Feb 18th and everything looked great! We saw and got to hear the heartbeat which was amazing!
I've been really sick for 3 weeks now with week 8 being the worst so far. I couldn't keep anything down and quickly lost 12 lbs! The doctor wants me to concentrate on keeping hydrated for now and then slowly introduce foods back into my diet. She gave me a few meds that have been taking the edge off and making it easier to deal with! Thank goodness! We can't wait to update our progress! Our next appt is March 18th! By then I should have a new niece! So fun!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kelly & Ryan's Baby Shower

We finally had Kelly and Ryan's Baby Shower on Saturday! It felt like it too forever to get here! We have been working on it for sometime now. I'm glad to get all the pink out of our spare room now! The weather could not have been more perfect for the outdoor party! About 50 people came and around 12 kids! Everything had a great time and Kelly and Ryan have all the essentials for their baby girl!

I made the favors, Kelly's favorite, cinnamon rolls! I added a little "Bun in the Oven" pun!

This was the first table everyone saw. I asked everyone to also bring, wipes, diapers or a book in order to be entered into a contest to win a prize. Kelly and Ryan picked names out of a bowl and 2 people won bottles of wine!

Settin up...

The theme was Grey/Pink, Ducks and Bears! I dresses up a few bears in outfits that I had bought for the baby!

Since Kelly and Ryan first met, their nickname for each other has been "Mister" or "the mister"! Yes, they both call each other "the mister". So that would make their baby girl, "Lil Mister"!

No I'm not calling the baby fat! ;-) Everyone calls Ryan, "Gordo"! So I had to point out their would be a Lil Gordo soon!

I caught the lady eating some pink rice crispie squares! Also her fav!

The mom and dad to be!

This is Kelly's long time friend, Jen's daughter, Sophia!

Kelly's nephew, Luke was loving the "duckie" that was in the water. He kept wanting to take it in and out!

Grandma Jewell (Ryan's grandma), reading to Luke! Her great-grandson! Kelly and Ryan are having the first girl grand or great-grandchild on Ryan's side. His grandmother could not be more happy!
Mom giving Ryan a giant hug!
Kelly opening mom's handmade baby blanket! She is famous for these in our family! Every kid has one and usually drags it around until my mom has to sew all the holes back up!

Some of the girls!

Some of Kelly's friends from College! Jen, Julie and Amy!
Brian and Jen!
Sophia all snuggled up and ready to go home!