Monday, September 27, 2010

Stayin 'Cool'

What a hot weekend! Summer finally decides to show up but it's way too late! It hit 105 in our backyard on Sunday! Yikes! So our only errand that day was going to the grocery store! Jocelyn is starting to wear sunglasses for about 2 minutes now! If you said, "Ohhhh so pretty" She lights up and loves it! So I let her wear my sunglasses while Daddy and I shopped! So funny! We are hoping her birthday weekend is not as hot!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We took some "smash cake" picture's in our backyard of Jocelyn a few weeks ago! I wanted to get some shots that would mark her up coming 1st birthday and possible use them around the party or something. Didn't work out too well. She never smiled and was actually more into the flower than that cake! I didn't really think she would eat the cake but just wanted to get some fun messy picture's! At least we had fun doing it!

So we finally got our results from the Pediatric GI doctor. Her blood work and poop samples were great! All levels were great. Her Upper GI Series showed her organs were fine and food went down fine and digested fine. So he said there was no reason that she can't gain weight. Which is super great, amazing news!

She gained almost 1lb in 4 weeks as well. We were super happy about this as was our general pediatrician! But the GI doctor wants more. So he increased her calories per ounce to 27! He had increased it to 24 (from 20). So more scoops of formula basically! Then after she turns one he wants her to be on PediaSure which is 30 calories per ounce. We were looking forward to weening her to regular milk. But guess that won't happen just yet. We've signed up for anyway to get coupons for it too because it's not cheap and actually comes out to be more expensive than formula! Oh well, our sweet girl is worth it!

He also switched her reflux medicine and has started her on a medicine that is suppose to make her hungry! So we will see if this all works to help her gain even more the next few months!

One bit of weird news was that the GI doctor said that her Upper GI Series showed something abnormal on her lungs. So he ordered another xray which she had Friday. I finally chased down the results yesterday. The doctor said that the new xray of her lungs "looked much better than the first one but if her cough persists for 7-10 days more than we will need to be referred to a Pulminary Specialist".......ummm what cough? She doesn't have a cough! So now I'm going to call our general pediatrician to explore what this means further. I'd like her to take a look at it as well!

Meanwhile, I got Strep throat so bad I thought I was going to die! I literally could not swallow! I was SO sick I could not take care of Jocelyn! Steve had to be mom and dad for a few days! I had to hide from Jocelyn or else she for sure found me! But mommy needed sleep oh so bad to get better! Took about 5 days but I'm finally back!

Jocelyn is happy and learning more and more everyday! The other day she held up her duck and said, "DUCKY!" in the bath! I said, "OH WOW, yes that is your ducky!" Then she held up her boat and said, "DUCKY!" That cracked me up! So I had to say, "Oh no, that is your BOAT...can you say BOAT?" She said, "DUCKY!" So guess not!

Ok I'll show stats at the end this time:

Weight: 16lbs 10oz (9/17)-if she gained another 1lbs by 1 she will be back on the chart. Most likely won't happen until at least 1 1/2 though.

Height: 29 1/4"

Head: 28"

Words: Dad, Dada, Daddy, Momma, Ducky, "tan-u" (we think this is thank you-it's said usually when we give her something), "byeeeeeee" (the "E" is very emphasized), and then a WHOLE lot of other babble that we don't totally get just yet!

New thing: Pointing at everything in the house...everything....ha!

So that is about it! Just getting ready for her 1st birthday now!!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Outdoors Eating

So after a crazy week of the mommy being sick with strep throat and the baby having a cold, we needed a little outdoor dining tonight. We set up a bunch of toys out on a blanket and pulled out the bubbles. Steve graded papers and we just hung out outside. We also decided to continue dinner there as well.

We had yummy mexican food from El Torito! The mommy was not cooking yet. Strep throat really takes it out of you.

Jocelyn loved it. The sun was going down and so I grabbed the camera and we took a bunch of picture's! Had to post them since we have lagged on the blog this week.

I turned my head for a second and when I turned back the bowl was on her head! Almost caught it!

Jocelyn's hair only turns up on one side! So funny! It looked so pretty when the sunset caught it! Took forever to get this shot!
This was Steve's favorite!
She uses her spoon every once in awhile but her hands are still her favorite right now. As you can see she has her bottle tucked in there safe in case she needs a sip!
You can almost see all her teeth in this shot. She has 4 teeth on top coming in! The 3 on the bottom seem to be down growing up now! So 7 total!
Artsy shot! Kinda dark but still loved the lighting!
She was waving, "bye bye" here meaning, "all done" mommy! Ha! Not sure if she meant with the pictures of the food! :-)

Happy Baby!!
I'll update our GI doctors visit after we get another test back next week! Just want to be able to post ALL good news!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day BBQ

We had an early Labor Day BBQ yesterday! My sister, Kelly and her two babies came over along with my mom (grandma E) as well!

It was perfect weather and not too hot! But yet hot enough to bust out bubbles and water!

Sometimes Emma likes to eat the bubbles!

Jack was loving the outdoors!

Emma pushed Jocelyn in the car!
teve made steak, chicken ans scallops wrapped in bacon!

Emma loved the hose!!

Jocelyn was not so sure about sharing her ducky at first!

But then she had fun!

You can see her top teeth coming in!

What a great day we all had! We were all exhausted! Happy 2010 Labor Day Weekend!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy 11 months Baby Girl

11 months! Jocelyn is changing so much everyday! She's learning and repeating things she see's all the time now. Mannerism and sounds! She seems to be babbling right through the alphabet! She is now on "f" and "sh" sounds! She has pretty deep conversations involving these new "words". She will be really into one babble for a week and then the next week it's on to a new sound! This morning she called me "mama". Looking at me and not a babble. Melted my heart! Her official first word was "Dad", "Dada" or "daddy". She uses all 3 all the time towards Steve but never really addressed me as anything until this morning! Kind of a trade off since she mostly only wants me to hold her.

We don't have another weight check until the 17th so not sure how much she currently weighs. However, she seems like she is so much heavier and solid now! We are sure she's gained a lot by now!

She is for sure not 22lbs yet (the max for her infant carrier). But she is 28" which is only 1" away from the max length for her carrier. So after 11 months, we are finally transitioning to a convertible carseat! We did a ton of research and new we only wanted a Britax Marathon. They just came out with a new line of carseats so their current ones were drastically reduced in price! Something that comes in handy when you have to buy two of them!

This will be daddy's task this weekend!