Monday, January 30, 2012

A foot!!!!

Casen discovered his foot this weekend! He was staring at it while he sat in the bumbo mesmerized! He tried SOO hard to get it!
Later he discovered I have them too! He followed it all over the place! So funny!

"HI mom!!"

"Whoa...what's this!??"

"A foot!? I gotta get it! Come on..."

"Maybe my fast hands can get it!"

"So close!"

"Fine I'll settle for eating the bumbo!"

Friday, January 27, 2012

Jocelyn Says!

I want to start doing post about different conversations Jocelyn has with us! She is talking SO much now and some of the things she is saying are hysterically! I think it's because they are coming out of her little mouth with her little voice! So as I remember them I will post them! I'll call them, "Jocelyn says"!

Jocelyn says, "Um guys...I have a tummy ache and a headache! I need medicine! Two!!"

Jocelyn says, "I TINY!!" (completely out of the blue)

Jocelyn says, "She's MY Mommy!" too Casen
Mommy says, "Oh no Jocelyn, I'm Casen's mommy too!"
Jocelyn says, "NO he DADDY'S!!"

Jocelyn says, "Me draw picture for GrandmaGrandpaDavis"

Jocelyn says, "Casen poo-pooed!"
Mommy says, "He did? Should we change his diaper?"
Jocelyn says, "Yeah!!! PEE-YOUUU" *as she holds her nose!

Jocelyn says, "Be BACK OK!? 2 minutes! Promise!"
*She has started to add "promise" to the end of a lot of sentences!

To Casen before he was suppose to get his shots:
Jocelyn says, "Casen no cry, ok!? You get BOOM (as she slaps her arm and leg) and no cry, kay! Promise!"
Casen says, "Ahhh gooo!"

If we tell her we are doing ANYTHING she asks us about 100 times before the event if we are still doing that! So we decided to tell her what we are doing only a little bit before to avoid hearing that SO much!
Mommy says, "Jocelyn, today we are going to Issac's birthday from daycare! It's going to be an Elmo party!"
Jocelyn says, "ISSAC'S BIRTHDAY??????"
and then repeats, "ISSAC"S BIRTHDAY? I wanna go Issac's birthday!" in a super sad/whiney voice UNTIL we pull up to the party and get out! HA!

On the Mend!

*Jocelyn said, "Mommy, take picture!!" as they layed on the floor next to each other while I changed both of their diapers!

Jocelyn is so much better! She just has a slight cough left now!

Casen is feeling better during the days but nights are still a little rough! Mornings he tends to cough a lot still too! Mommy is about 2 days ahead of Casen. I have a very deep cough that only stirs up when I laugh! Other than that I feel fine! Praying daddy doesn't get sick!

So this will be another quiet, resting weekend for us again! It's such great weather we will do a lot of backyard play! We have really missed it! We started to put out all our patio chairs and rinse everything off the other night! We put everything away after our big wind storms! We may even be able to eat dinner outside again soon! Can't wait for that!

Yay for the weekend!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sick Baby

Casen and I are home today! The little man got his first fever yesterday! Steve took him to the doctors and they said it was an ear infection!
She confirmed his cough was not whooping cough or RSV! Thank you Lord! So he is on antibiotics now too! Snuggling mommy all day is on our agenda!
But he is 14lbs, 9oz now! Growing right along!!

It was 2 years ago today that Jocelyn entered the hospital for RSV! I can't believe 2 years later her brother is getting sick for the first time too! We are just thankful it's not RSV for him! Hard for it not to be in the back of my head though! I know God is watching over him & us! Needless to say I'm not a fan of January, cold season or winter! Bring on spring quickly please!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

4 months

Casen turns 4 months tomorrow!
Jocelyn said she wanted to be in the pictures too! They turned out super cute!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to work

Yesterday I had to leave this little man for the longest I ever have in 3 1/2 months! It was pretty hard! Back to work I went bright and early on Monday! It's day 2 & getting better already! Just so many people to get ready in the mornings now! Diapers to be changed, hair to be done & babies to be fed! But I;n sure it will all become second nature soon! Right now I have the constant feeling of forgetting something! I have been pretty proud to get dinner on the table both nights so far!

The 1st night after daycare Casen slept from 9pm-3am straight! Heaven for mommy!!

So you would think Jocelyn would be fine when I left her at daycare again! But apparently after I didn't take her for 4 1/2 months it was really hard for her! Both mornings so far she has cried! It's the worst feeling ever to see her that way! Hopefully after the routine sets back in she will calm down!
Casen has had 2 great days! He plays a lot & goes with the flow of things! Puts my mind at ease!

In other news our litlle....or should I say, "strong" man actually sat up on Saturday & Sunday night! We couldn't believe it! At 3 1/2 months too!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Sweethearts!

I wanted to do a Valentine's photoshoot with the kids this year! I grabbed an old sheet that I already had! Then I used a box I used for a Christmas shoot & added hearts to it! I picked up some things from the dollar store & Joann's (gotta love 30% off + my 10% off coupon)! Overall it went well! I did have to bribe Jocelyn with candy though! But once she was in it she had a lot of fun! I also made sure Casen was fed right before so he would be happy too!

My Sweetheart!


Ok yes I prompted this...but it's still super sweet!

She loved this sucker!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

With two kids now we wanted a mello NYE! Summer decided to have a last minute party! It was so nice to talk with all the girls while the husbands kept the kids busy! Such a fun night!

Jocelyn turned Ryders gun into a vaccum later on! Cracked us up!

Ty, Ryder, Jocelyn & Elia. Jocelyn's job was to hold up Elia! She took it very seriously!

Ryder and Jocelyn

Jocelyn yelling, "Happy new year!"

All the girls hanging out like old times!
Happy New Year Everyone!