Friday, January 27, 2012

On the Mend!

*Jocelyn said, "Mommy, take picture!!" as they layed on the floor next to each other while I changed both of their diapers!

Jocelyn is so much better! She just has a slight cough left now!

Casen is feeling better during the days but nights are still a little rough! Mornings he tends to cough a lot still too! Mommy is about 2 days ahead of Casen. I have a very deep cough that only stirs up when I laugh! Other than that I feel fine! Praying daddy doesn't get sick!

So this will be another quiet, resting weekend for us again! It's such great weather we will do a lot of backyard play! We have really missed it! We started to put out all our patio chairs and rinse everything off the other night! We put everything away after our big wind storms! We may even be able to eat dinner outside again soon! Can't wait for that!

Yay for the weekend!

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