Sunday, December 30, 2012

Santa Ynez Valley and Los Olivos Vacation 2012

 One day after Christmas we went up to our favorite place, Santa Ynez Valley! We took our time getting up there and arrived around 4pm! So we went straight to our favorite park there! It was 51 but felt like 41 with the wind! Brrrr!

 Then we took off to our hotel in Lompoc about 20 minutes up the road! It's a super quiet town and much better hotels to stay at than in Solvang. We always stay at the Embassy Suites since they have great free breakfasts with omelettes, pancakes, waffles, fruit, bagels....on and on! So worth it!
 You just can't beat the view out here either!

 Jocelyn loved seeing the cows!
 The next day we started at Zaca Mesa Winery! They have a huge chess set outside perfect to keeps kids busy!

 They also have a cool trail up the side by the parking lot that is fun to hike up! It leads you to a flat plain that overlooks the hills. It's perfect to have a little lunch or snack up there too!

 Then we decided to risk eating at Los Olivos Cafe! It's SO yummy but not super kid oriented. Our server had 3 kids so she completely understood why we wanted to order fast and pay right away "just in case"! Casen lasted the perfect amount of time before I had to take him out.
 Daddy and Jocelyn played tic tac toe!
 Daddy was craving a big burger after seeing all the cows! Ha!
 Then we went to Saarloos Winery down the street in Los Olivos for some dessert! They have a yummy flight of cupcakes to pair with a wine tasting!
 They also had tiny chairs in front of a fire pit (that we kept Casen away from) too to keep us warm!

 Then off to buttonwood where they have a farm and lots of animals to look at. Their peach section was closed this time since it's winter!
 We collected giant lefts too!
 They had baby goats this time too that were so tiny and so cute!
What a fun trip we had!!! Casen doesn't sit nearly as long as Jocelyn ever did in resturants though. That is one thing we learned on this trip. He tells you super loudly when he is done too! Another great end to another great year though! Can't wait to see what 2013 holds for our family! Cheers!!!


 We got Disney passes from Grandma and Grandpa Davis for Christmas! It's such a special treat and we feel so blessed to be able to be so close to go so much! We've gone twice now so far! We can go for just a few hours because Casen doesn't last so long! But he so far LOVES Mickey! Jocelyn still just wants to see the princesses only! She is still very scared on the characters with the "big heads" she said!
 On the monorail for the 1st time!
 On the story book ride for the 1st time! Met a nice family from Florida who got Jocelyn at the front of the boat! So sweet!
 Mommy's favorite food truck on Main St.! Corndogs! They even have apple slices now! Yummy!

We got to watch the candy being made on Main St. Jocelyn loved that!

Christmas Morning!

 The "big" present we got the kids was a playhouse! They love it! It will eventually go outside!
 These got out of order somehow. But this was after they opened a few presents! It's been 3 days of going going going so they were running down a bit!
 Chaos! Just how it should be on Christmas morning!

 After naps we went to Aunt Kelly's and Uncle Ryan's house! The kids of course put on a "show" for us!

This was the set up before the kids walked in!