Friday, December 14, 2012

Casen's First Words

 Casen has started to have "word explosion" as they call it in the baby world. His real first word was "BALL" that he said last week. But before that he has said, "HI" which is a word too obviously! He said "momma" and "dada" for awhile as well but that is mostly baby babble even though he does use it in the right context.

But lately he's been putting words together like, "Hi Daddy!"

This week he also said, "Jocelyn!" Which sounded like, "Joc-Jen"! He says "thank you" sometimes too which is still a lot like, "ta-ew"! But always says it when you hand him something!
 As you can see in these pictures he loves playing with water. Jocelyn has always loved "washing the dishes" and lately he has been trying to climb up to help her. So just this week we let him go up too! He loves it and gets REALLY mad when you take him down!
 Such a big helper. He loves to help with everything! From pouring milk to putting the lid back on anything for us! Also loves turning off all the light switches as we leave the room!
Can't wait to see what comes out of his mouth next!

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