Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to the Momma! We had Kelly, Ryan, Emma and Mom all come over to our house for a birthday bbq! Of course mom soaked up her Emma time too! We all gave to mom's Macedonia fund for her up coming mission trip in July with her church! That was all she wanted for her birthday! She is excited to be going on this trip for the 2nd time now!

Emma passed out before dessert!

All the girls!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Retirement Party

Friday afternoon we went to Steve's dad's, Jerry's, retirment luncheon! It was a big joke that he is "finally" retiring. We will all believe it when we see it. Although his last day at work will be sometimes this week he still has many projects on the side to keep him busy for sometime! But I suspect that is the way he likes it! He even went back to work after the retirement party if that tells you anything!
Some of the ladies at his work made this hat for him! It was really cute. He was forced to wear it while opening gifts!

Happy Retirement Jerry!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our New BBQ!

So we finally got the new grill! We actually paid for it last week but we wanted them to put it together. They have a guy that will do it for you, but he only comes on Wed.'s. So we had to wait. Steve had to take the side's off to get it in his truck though. He is really excited because it has 5 burners and one on the side. He is all in to the BBQ thing. I just like to eat what he makes!

Explaining the functions as I listen intently!
So last night he cooked up some steak...
And some shimp! It worked like he wanted it too! I'm sure we will be BBQing even more now so he can get use to it. Now what to do with the old grill..hmm!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

17 weeks

We are 17 wks now. I'm feeling amazing now and have been for a few weeks. This heat wave is getting me nervous for the summer though. Happy Tuesday!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

16 weeks, 4 days!

We had our 16 wk appt yesterday! It was much more low key than we had thought it was going to be. We only heard the heartbeat this time. Which was great by the way! My doctor was a bit concerned by my high blood pressure from previous appt's. I told her it was whitecoat hypertension for sure! But now for the 3rd time my bottom number was still high so she is happy that it's just how I am. Since I was very little, I always got nervous going to the doctor. I had a bad experience when I was 2 that I think scarred me for life. Ha! I'm trying to get over it, but apparently I'm not doing a good job at that.
We only had a few questions for the doctor which she happily answered. I was worried about being a back sleeper since all the books tell us I shouldn't be on my back after 16 wks. But the dr said that I could just put a wedge under me and I didn't have to be fully on my side! So good to know!
I've also been starting to get the dreaded heartburn. She assured us we can use any over the counter meds for that. Just not too excessively. I'm sure it's from all the fruit I've been eating. I can't get enough! But it's not bad enough to need to take anything yet. I'll just have tums on hand in case it does get bad.
So, despite what everyone thought, we did not find out the sex this time. I know Jenn and David were very anxious and even emailed me from Cabo twice to find out. Apparently they are shopping and needed to know! So we will patiently wait 4 more wks until May 13th when we have our next doctor's appt. I'm pretty ok with that since it won't change too much. It will be fun to find out at our half way point in the pregnancy! Keep things exciting!
Oh and, I'm pretty sure I've felt the baby move 3 times now. I first felt it yesterday and then last night at like 5am and then again today! Sort of a "thump/tap" feeling. No it wasn't gas! I can't wait for Steve to feel the baby too!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Steve and I went to church and then took off to Kelly and Ryan's house. We had lasagna that was soo good and just relaxed. It was a great day and we got more Emma time too of course!

Kelly say's Emma has my eyes...what do you think? Maybe so..

Their first family picture!
Daddy and Emma!
Emma didn't want to be ignored while we all ate so we took turns holding her at the table. Happy Easter everyone!

Summer's Baby Shower

Saturday was Summer's baby shower. It was at the Long Beach Yacht Club in Belmont Shores! It was a perfect day and everyone had a great time. Kelly brought Emma and of course everyone wanted to hold her. She made her rounds.
Summer (8 1/2 month pregnant) and Emma..

Dana (2 1/2 month pregnant) and Emma...
Shannon (8 months pregnant) and Emma..
No more picture's auntie..

Monday, April 6, 2009

15 weeks!

Ok so we are 15 wks yesterday now! This is me at night, after dinner. It's really the only time I "show" a stomach. No stranger comments just yet. I'm still in my normal jeans with the top button unbuttoned of course. Steve worries I might "crush the baby". He always makes me laugh with that comment. I'm feeling AMAZING compared to how I was 1st trimester! I cleaned most of our spare room (now babies room) this wknd. I just had so much more energy! The house is looking clean again which is so nice. I hope this continues for awhile!


On Sunday I went to Kelly's again to see Emma and her of course. But then also to see an old friend, Kelley and her son Jaxon! We had a great time catching up! Emma was up and very alert most of the time. So fun!

Gym time! She liked this for about 5 minutes this time! What a record!

Emma is not so sure about this...

5k Walk/10k Run

Saturday morning Steve and I did the Seal Beach 5K and 10K. I walked the 5K while he ran the 10k! He had not run over 3 miles for awhile so I was so proud of him for doing the 10K so easily! He had no issues and was barely sore the next day! Steve, Jenn, Allison and Brandon all ran the 10K as well. While Madalyn and I walked the 5K! We had a great time and it was perfect weather!

Maddy and I walking! She kept asking if she could watch a DVD! Too funny! Everytime she saw the beach she was get so excited and think it was time to play in the sand. Not just yet.
Finally time for some grub! We went to Shorehouse with everyone afterwards! The kids watched Cars while we waited for the food! They were so good!

Emma and the Easter Bunny

This weekend Kelly and I went to take Emma to see the Easter bunny. It was actually very unplanned but when we went to the mall the Easter bunny was right there with no wait. So we decided to do it! Kinda scary giving a bunny the baby but it ended up being fine. She had no idea what we were doing and didn't cry at all! We were so glad too! She was so good all day long and loved going shopping!