Monday, April 6, 2009

5k Walk/10k Run

Saturday morning Steve and I did the Seal Beach 5K and 10K. I walked the 5K while he ran the 10k! He had not run over 3 miles for awhile so I was so proud of him for doing the 10K so easily! He had no issues and was barely sore the next day! Steve, Jenn, Allison and Brandon all ran the 10K as well. While Madalyn and I walked the 5K! We had a great time and it was perfect weather!

Maddy and I walking! She kept asking if she could watch a DVD! Too funny! Everytime she saw the beach she was get so excited and think it was time to play in the sand. Not just yet.
Finally time for some grub! We went to Shorehouse with everyone afterwards! The kids watched Cars while we waited for the food! They were so good!

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