Monday, October 9, 2017

Jocelyn's 8th Birthday Party

 We had Jocelyn's 8th birthday party at Big Air! She loves that place! It was an emoji party theme!
 Friends from school and friends from dance!
 Family photo!

 Kerianne, Kiara, Taylor, Cash and Annabelle with Jocelyn!

 Charlotte's mom got Jocelyn a Strong Dance sweatshirt which she loved and wore ALL weekend!

 Jocelyn and dance friend KaiLi!
 Jousting with Kiara!
 Kiara, Jocelyn and Madison

Such a great day!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Monday, September 25, 2017

Another Casen Baseball Game

 Casen hit every pitch off the machine at his away game for the Bees! He did so well!

 He played catcher in the last inning again too! He really loves doing that!

Pie in the Face Game

 The kids have been asking for this game FOREVER and Casen finally got it as one of his gifts!!

 It was pretty funny to watch them play!

Casen's 6th Birthday Party

 Casen slept in for a bit (thankfully) since his birthday was on a Saturday this year! He came out to a bunch of presents from us!
 He got his Mike Trout shirt finally!
 Astronaut dress up shirt
 Then we got him a marine vest/dress up stuff! He loved it!
 For this party this year we had it at a new place called Tag & Target! This is a nerf gun war zone! The kids had a BLAST! It was a private event and so just our party. Then we moved over to tables for pizza and cake! Such a fun day!

 Casen helped me make his cake!!
 Mommy and Daddy even got to play!

 The leaders planned games with this kids too which they loved! Casen team won!
 Friends from preschool who all went to different kindergarten's back together again!

Casen's new kindergarten friends, Henry and Emberlynn
 We even had time to go to Grandma's house to get the presents she got him! He loved everything and played with it all the entire weekend!

 He's been begging for the Disneyland parking lot trams forever! He was so excited to finally get it!

Now he wants to be a firefighter! So cute!