Monday, November 27, 2017

Grand Canyon - Bearizona - Las Vegas - Thanksgiving 2017

 We took a road trip for the whole week of Thanksgiving this year! It was a blast! Sat-Friday! Las Vegas was our first stop!

 Hershey store! Yum!

 Exploring the stripe! LOL Jocelyn was having fun with the water fall after we had dinner at the Shake Shack

 Then we drove to the Grand Canyon & Railway Hotel to do PJ's and the Polar Express with our cousins!

 Seriously was a magical train ride where the kids actually believed we were in the North Pole!

 It was COLD! But oh so fun!!
 Santa and Casen loved each other. Casen kept saying, "I can't believe I met the REAL Santa!"

 The next day we did Bearizona!!

 This bear was SO close to our car!

 Our hotel had an indoor pool which the kids took full advantage of!

 We walked to dinner with this view one night! So pretty!
 Casen and Daddy watching WWE! Casen thought it was crazy!!
 Casen collected a lot of rocks!
 Letters to Santa

 The 3rd Day we set off to the Grand Canyon. The kids were such troopers all day!

 Then we headed back to Las Vegas!

 Back home and time to unpack and relax!!!
 Impromptu cookie decor night!