Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Fun!

Edit: I added the picture's from when we met Robin and Nicolas for yogurt!

As you can see Nicolas and Jocelyn liked making funny faces behind the glass!

Jocelyn showed Aunt Robin the stampe she got on her belly from gymnastics before we left!

Jocelyn was a bit nervous on the vault!

First stop on Saturday mornings is always gymnastics now! Jocelyn really loves it!

She is preparing to run and jump into the bouncy pit!

thinking about it........

and GO!

Now time for more dancing.....

Coloring with Daddy later that day!

In the afternoon we saw this rainbow on the floor! Actually Jocelyn discovered it! She said, "Stars?" because we put stars from her sound machine on her ceiling every night. It basically looks like this too! So that was her only occasion! I love how she related the two!

Since we were taking photos of it she wanted to as well with her cel phone! She loves her Little Mermaid phone so she held it up and took some picture's too! Cracks us up!

On Sunday we had to go to Daddy's school to help him finish up his classroom before the kids came back today!

Jocelyn helped him write assignments on the board!

But then wanted to read a book since Daddy has SO many in his classroom to pick from!

Then it was time for stamps! She loves getting stamps at the end of gymastics! So when she saw daddy had some too she had to get more! We picked "stars!" of course! Her favorite shape right now! She gets them on each hand, foot and her belly of course!

Then we did a little dancing in daddy's classroom! He of course had music playing!!

But then it was time to clean!

Showing mommy all the dirt! Ha!

Then back to dancing of course! Always time for dancing in Jocelyn's world!!

So we beat the heat and kept busy since we ended up having to cancel our SB trip! Mommy was sad not to be with the family up there but we will go next time for sure!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Surprise Baby Shower at Work Today!

Today I am 35 wks! Which means I have 35 days left!
My work surprised me with a big baby shower today too! I was so shocked! They lied and said they an issue with some labels that I needed to help them with! So they dragged me into the conference room where I found all this!!!
AMAZING! They have been working on it for awhile and were oh so sneaking! Getting my room colors and everything! I am so blessed to work with such amazing people who care so much!!

Marivel made me some amazing onesies once again! Just like she did for Jocelyn!

Another one of the girls on my team MADE this guitar mobile! I work with such creative people! I love it!

So much yummy homemade food!! We were stuffed by the end!

Diaper pale!

Later Santiago's wife brought in more presents to my office! Geezz...I'm so spoiled!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pretend City

Last Saturday we met my mom and Emma out at Pretend City after gymnastics! We dropped off daddy so he could go work in this classroom! Kelly and Ryan were at a wedding in SB for the weekend so my mom had Emma all weekend! Jack went to his other grandma's house!

The girls had so much fun together! At first they were a bit shy but warmed up semi-quickly! By the end of the day they were running around and yelling for each other to come do some new thing!

Jocelyn loved filling up her car with gas! "GAS" she would tell me!

Jocelyn's favorite part was the water! Or "wader" as she calls it! She went back to this area several times!

They also went to the store and bought a lot of fruit!!

Then they played with blocks!

They thought it was pretty funny to knock them down! Although it did take awhile to show them that you could even do that! Ha! Such girls I guess!

We also went to the craft room 3 times! We made an apple craft with tissue paper and a paper plate, then we painted with brushes and then we did stamps! I think the stamps were their favorite part of the craft room! Jocelyn was very busy cleaning up her area with wipes after she was ton! Ha!

While Emma would put her entire hands on the stamp pad and make a big hand print on the paper!

After 2 1/2 hours Jocelyn STILL didn't want to go! But it was time! We will be back soon I'm sure! There was still so much to do!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Changing Baby's Diaper

Jocelyn is very into changing all her babies diapers! But lately she has wanted to change her rabbit's diaper! Although she still calls him a baby! She says he has "poopoo" and makes her favorite stinky face! She needs wipes and all! Always asking for "two mommy!"