Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Baby Shower

Shannon, Jennifer and Missy hosted another amazing shower for me today! The generously offered to host my 2nd shower at Marie Calendar's Grill in Los Alamitos!

It was a really nice day with amazing food, pie and friends and family!
They did the decor to match Casen's room! Blue, Green and Guitars and drums!
The menu! We had Salad, Turkey sandwiches and pasta to pick from! Also got to pick Strawberry or Chocolate pie for dessert! I got to sample both! YUM!
The cake pop "thank you" favors!
They also made these onsies to hang as decor! Steve loved them of course!

The hostesses! Shannon, Me, Jennifer and Missy!
Mom and Aunt Kristi
Me and Kelly!
Robin, me and Karen!
Me and Tanya!
Baby Jensen got to come too!

Got some really cool stuff!
Mom gave me a teddy bear as a tradition that Grandma Jane use to do with all new babies in our family!
My mom gave me six pairs of shoes and socks! So amazing!
My mom also made her famous baby blankets!
Grandma Karen (my MIL) gave us these tiny shoes! SO cute!
Everyone decorated onsies and I had to pick my favorite one! I picked Caroline's!!
All the decorated onsies!

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