Tuesday, August 2, 2011


On my way home from work yesterday, Steve sent me the above photo with a message that said, "Did you do her hair like this today!?" My response was, "nope!" So we knew Lori had done her hair this way after her nap! Who is dying of cuteness!??? WE ARE!!!

We seriously had no idea her hair would even all go into a ponytail! But again, we had never tried! I talked to Lori about it this morning. She said she thought she looked like a cheerleader! I agreed! She teased that she was going to put one of her daughter's cheer bows in it since she cheered for Steve's rival high school! Ha! Maybe not!

Ponytail at the grocery store!

Ponytail while watching her favorite "shapes" song on the iPad!

Ponytail while sitting quietly!

Ponytail while playing!

Ponytail while saying, "noooooo" to mommy asking for a hug! HA!

*Side note: I did get my hug 2 seconds later...on toddler time! I'll take it!!!!!!!!

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