Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Weekend!

So yesterday we ran a bunch of errands that we needed to conquer for awhile. Then today we went on a few more but threw in some fun as well! We went to the El Dorado Nature Trails to start! It was really hot and humid today but thankfully there was a lot of shade!
We saw tons of turtle's sunbathing along the 1 mile long!
Jocelyn wanted mommy to hold her half way through but I was having lots of braxton hicks and it wasn't going to happen! Thankfully she agreed to get back into the stroller...after lots of begging from mommy and daddy! Heehee!
Then we went to the park to see the ducks and swing on the swings!

and of course we couldn't forget the slide!
Then we went home to the AC! Jocelyn didn't even ask to go outside again! Very unlike her so we knew she was hot! The dress she is wearing in this picture was mine as a little girl! She kept looking at the back of it in the mirror! So funny! I guess she liked that part!
Then we played a lot in her room....which she always loves! We read tons of books and played music and had a dance party!

The fan is always a source of fun as well!

Of course we had to play, "Ring around the Rosie" several times as well! So funny that Jocelyn calls the song, "ashes!" What a great weekend!

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