Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jocelyn -21 months

Jocelyn has been putting 2 words together since she was 18 months now (she is 21 months as of last week). It's been so fun to hear what new words come out of her mouth. She is repeating just about everything that we ask her to repeat or at least attempting to! She is starting to talk so much more now!

Words she says daily:
I eat
(pretty much as soon as she wakes up)
Elmo and Abby? (pretty much as soon as she is done eating! She wants to watch them on the ipad)
More pease (more please-for more cereal)
Abba? (Ava-her friend at daycare)
My mimi, Aba's mimi! (Mimi=pacifier. If she holds two she says the 2nd one if for Ava)
Two (everytime she has two "mimi's" in her hand)
Swing (for when she wants to swing)
Side (for outside)
Pease (for Please-with her head tilted to the side anytime she wants something) Ni-night (when playing with her dolls)
Tank Ew-(thank you after handing her just about anything without us saying, "what do you say!?" anymore! Finally!)
Hi Daddy (she says this a lot to Steve even when we have all been in the same room for awhile together-it just comes out of the blue).
Oh nooo (with a very concerned look on her face, anytime we say we can't find something or we have to get something from another room or we say its time to go...she says this phrase a lot!)
I (this is in place of the word "ok" or "yes". When she says it in reference to agreeing with us we always correct her and say, "you mean YES!?" and she will then repeat "jes!" with a big smile but the next time she always again says "i"...) Anyone know how to stop that!? Sigh.....
OhIknow (all in one word-Oh I know)
Idontknow (again, all in one word)
Nider (which means SPIDER...this is something she has started to say after one time seeing on on the wall. Now any tiny spec of black dirt is a "nider"! She likes to crinkle her nose when saying it as well! Oh and Ants are also niders to her! She is OK with them as long as they are not ON her...when an Ant gets on her watch out!)
Nooooooo (she says this with her head tilted, a big grin and a sing song in her voice to anytime we say something she thinks isn't true)
Mommy: "Hey Jocelyn, do you think I should dye my hair blue!?"
Jocelyn: "Nooooooooooo......." *head tilted, with a big grin on her face....

Favorite Songs:
A, B, C song-She sings, "A, B, C, E, I.......A, B, C........" and a lot of other things we don't understand yet. Then at the end she yells, "MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Itsy Bitsy Spider-She does the hand motions of the spider crawling up the wall and LOVES the part when you say, "AND WASH THE SPIDER OUT!"

A few other funny things she has said lately:
SCENE-Putting Jocelyn to bed
Jocelyn: "Kiss Daddy!"
Daddy kisses her..
Jocelyn: "Tank ew Daddy!"
Sigh....heart melting!!

SCENE-I had just changed Jocelyn's diaper right before bed and decided not to put her bloomers back on since she would be getting a bath and PJ's on soon.
Jocelyn: "MOMMY, BLOOOOMERSSS! BLOOMMERS!???" *as she lifted her dress and pointed to her diaper!
Me: Oh sorry I forgot your bloomers didn't I"
Jocelyn: "I!"
I was super surprised she knew what bloomers even were! HA!

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