Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Guest Designer-Wedding Invite's

I have a good friend, Jocelyn "jocey" that does wedding invites and also has a wedding blog. She had featured our engagement session on her blog and had been bugging me to give her wedding pictures so she could blog about that too! I finally emailed her everything! Then a few weeks ago I got another email from her asking me if I would want to be a guest designer for her wedding invite website. She noticed I had done my own wedding invites and really like them. So I did some designs for her and now they are on her website under Kari Suite's! Here is the link: http://joceybellainvites.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=jbella&Product_Code=THEKARI&Category_Code=

Here is Jocey's blog, Wedding Chicks:
Jocey also blogged about our wedding pictures! See below:
If this package sells well then I will go on to do more! So click on the link and forward to anyone who you think might like it that is getting married! ;-)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Justin Shipment!

Friday we got our Justin Wine shipment in! 12 bottle of 06' Cab! Yum! Since belonging to 3 wineries now we get a lot of wine shipments. They can't leave the wine since it has to be delievered to someone over 21. So we have gotten to know the UPS man well! I think he will be getting a christmas gift for sure this year! He knows Steve's schedule and will come back around to our house at the end of his shift just to drop it off. He's done this a few times now! I feel bad, but I guess it's his job right? Thankfully he is willing to do this so we don't have to go to the UPS place every time wine is delievered!

The Sexton Wedding Reception

The happy couple! I think we caught them in mid-kiss! We had Tanya and Toby's wedding reception on Saturday night! Almost a year to the day that Toby proposed in Italy and then told Tanya he had arranged a wedding there as well 2 days later! So since none of us were there, they came back and had a big reception so that we could finally celebrate with them! It was at the Old Ranch Golf Course in Seal Beach! The bride! This is the dress her mom bought her without Tanya knowing. It was all ready for her in Italy!

Dominic and Shannon....hey Dom watch those hands..I guess it's ok if it's your wife though! ;-)

Bryan and Gina! She is one person I know that follows my blog! At least someone does! HA!

This girls! Alison, Jennifer, Dana, Me, Heather and Natalie.

They also had cigar rolling at the wedding too! So cool! The guys enjoyed that for sure!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Cold no more!

So two nights ago we noticed the fridge was not as cold as it should be. So we waited a bit and right before we went to bed, we check it again. The temp had gone up even more. The fridge was 50 and the freezer was 40! So basically everything in the freezer was soup! I think I was most sad about the Golden Spoon that had to die a senseless soupy death! The fridge also kept making this weird clicking sound..never good right? So we came to the conclusion we were getting a new one.

Out with the old.......
At school today, Steve was told about this place in Santa Ana off Warner that sells floor models or returned appliances! We were told they were at a discount price. We were also warned it was "in the ghetto"! Steve reminded them that I use to live in LBC so I was not worried. I could hold my own! So when we got there is was slightly in the ghetto but not a bad area at all! It could have been worse for sure! It's a big warehouse full of appliances! Half of which were refridgerators for many rows. No one helps you, you just go through them all alone and then let someone know if you want one. We were really surprised to find most were 50% off! Others were 30-40% off the original price! The reason for the discount was scrapes and dents in some. Some were missing drawers or maybe the drawer was broken. Some had been used and marked "returned" for whatever reason. If you don't mind searching through a few rows to find one with the least damage then this is the place for you! We changed our minds 3 times and finally decided on this one below! It gets delieverd on Wed. All the same warranties and delivery deals as if you were at Sears! So fun! So now we are just hoping it fits through the door! In with the new...
Inside view! It has french doors that open the whole fridge. The freezer is at the bottom in two separate drawers.
So we realized we will now have to eat out 3-4 days this week! Oh and no ice cream for Steve. I hope we survive! HA!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Decorating the Davis Casa...

So I heard about wall decals through a friend. She was unable to paint her room and instead used, wall decals. At first I was thinking, "what the heck are wall decals"? They honestly sounded..well, cheap! Ha! So I looked them up! O M G! I loved what I found. I looked all over and the best ones of course were found on www.esty.com. I've always loved this site so I ordered one from the seller "single stone" http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5988949 . But there are tons on etsy. I just typed in "wall decals" in the search bar and a ton came up! This one we put in our room!
This was by far the hardest part-pix below! You had to peal the sticky stuff away from the design, making sure to leave the design on the wall! They recommeded a credit card to scrap the design down. I ended up using a combo of my hands, credit card and a spatula. Honestly you need patience for this part. Depending on your design of course! Mine had tiny little pointed edges that were super hard to get on the wall. But overall I only had one "bubble" in the whole design. You can't even tell! YAY!I also ordered some off of allposters.com however they weren't as cute and also sent me one wrong one that I still need to send back! Annoying! These are the ones I got from there. We got this mirror at the OC Swap Meet! It's in our living room.
So all day Saturday was spent decorating the house. Steve put up all the mirrors & curtain rods! He even hung up a bunch of our wedding photo's! Then I did all the fun wall decal, design stuff! So fun! These's mirrors are in our room! Wedding gifts from Tamara & Andrew!

So then Saturday night, Steve's good friend, Darren and his family came over! His wife, Jenni is below. That is their son, Reagan-2yrs old and new daughter Cambria-4months! We had a really relaxing night!

On Sunday we went to El Dorado park to have a gamma phi reunion..only too find out it was just us, Jenn&David and Allison&Brandon! Since we see each other all the time it wasn't much of a reunion! We called around and seemed no one else was coming anytime soon! So we ditched the park! At least I got to say hi to Maddy! :-)

So on Sunday night Steve had to grade a bunch of essays! It was a super nice night so we moved everything to that patio. I actually helped him this time too. The only time I help is when their assignment involves drawing! I got to pick the best one based on the assignment given! So fun! Also learned a lot about his kids. Some was really cute but some seriously mad me want to cry. Some of these kids have had hard lives!

All now the weekend is over....boo!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Metallica - They are back!

Ok...Metallica are officially back in heavy rotation on my ipod!  There new album, Death Magnetic, is AMAZING!!!!  

Not since Porcupine Tree's Fear of a Blank Planet and Rush's Snakes and Arrows have I not skipped a single song and listened to the album in its entirety!  

Riffs for miles that make your head bob like it did while in high school (some junior high)!  Lars' drums sound like drums, not trash cans!  Trujilo's bass comes through clearly!  James sounds like he did on Metallica (the black album).  Metallica finally sounds like they are comfortable with themselves and are not trying to prove anything; they are back to their glory days of Puppets, Justice, and Metallica!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

SS Office...

So today I attempted my 2nd trip to the social security office by my work. It reminded me a lot of the DMV, but much smaller. Everyone sits in a big room and waits for their number to be called. The first time, I didn't have enough time to wait, so I left. 

This time I was determinded to change my name. 

There was at least 30 people waiting and I didn't think it was looking good! However the first # I hear and B151! I looked down at my ticket, and it was # B153! Say what? Apparently the SS Office is super smart and breaks everyone up by what you are there for. 

When you get a # you have punch in what you are there for. So my # was called like 5 minutes later! Of course the guys eyebrows went up seeing my long old last name! He said, "oh you have it much easier now!" Heck yes I do! Thanks for noticing Social Security man! Oh and he threw in a "congrats!" too! When I signed the papers he said, "be sure to sign with you new easier last name"! Thanks for the reminder....:-)! 

SS was a success! 

Now on to the DMV..sigh...!

Happy Birthday Neil Peart!

If you know Steve, you know he LOVES Rush with a passion! Obviously I quickly learned this! With Steve being a drummer he knows the best drummer when he hears them! Although I still think Travis Barker (who is that???  Some guy who plays the same beat, at the same speed on every song?!?!? ed. Steve butting in!) and Neil should have a drum off to prove it! I've been to about 3 concerts now, nearing my limit! 

But, I've found myself humming along to some of their songs and actually liking a few as well! I was surprised to find that Neil had books out and I've actually read one now! He is a great writer and has a very intense life to tell about. 

Oh and his wife is an artist/photographer and her name is Carrie. Hmm maybe Steve sought me out to make his life even more like Neil's..I gotta look into that! Anyways, happy 56th birthday Neil, wherever you are...! RLRR LRLL LLRR LLRR

Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 years ago today....

Seems every time Sept. 11th rolls around again, we all stop to think of where we were in 2001! I can not believe it's been 7 years! So much has changed since then. I mean who would have thought we would be walking through airports without shoes? However, now these things seem almost "normal" to us.
7 years ago I was living at "Club Newport" in Long Beach with Natalie and Jennifer. It was the summer after we all graduated from CSULB. Natalie was always the early riser and already at work. Natalie and I both worked at American Capital back then. I believe Jennifer was a student teacher. But I do know that Jennifer and I were fast asleep when everything went down. The house phone rang (pre to everyone and their mom having a cell phone's) once at about 7am. Of course I didn't get it and neither did Jenn..but when it rang immediately after that Jenn and I jumped up. That was our signal that you needed to pick up the phone!!! It was Natalie, telling us to turn on the news! When we saw the tower on fire in NY I don't think I totally grasped the concept of what was happening. My first thought was not a terriorist attack though. As we watched, the 2nd plane hit LIVE on TV. THAT is when I knew something serious was happenning. Gives me chills still today! Knowing my sister, best friend and I had just left NY that July, brought it close to home. My best friends parent lived there and I was really worried about them (they were ok-although her mom and dad were separate for days). Not sure why, but I went to work anyways. The freeways were SO empty. People let you go first and no one tried to cut you off or ride your bumper. It was like the world had manners again..for awhile anyways! Of course no one was working when I got to my office! Everyone had on the radio or TV. The next report was that the planes were coming to LAX. Since my building was right next door to LAX the president of our company thought it would be best if we all went home. I remember driving down the fwy back to LB and watching them close each exit right as I passed it. Tony B and I were the only ones who didn't work that day. We just sat and watched TV all day. It was also the first date of David and Jennifer! Now they have been married for 5 years and have little Madalyn! I guess one good thing came out of Sept 11th, 2001!

Monday, September 1, 2008

The professional Wedding Pictures...

We got our wedding picture from our photographer, Michael Norwood this past week! YAY! Here are a few or our favorites!