Friday, September 12, 2008

SS Office...

So today I attempted my 2nd trip to the social security office by my work. It reminded me a lot of the DMV, but much smaller. Everyone sits in a big room and waits for their number to be called. The first time, I didn't have enough time to wait, so I left. 

This time I was determinded to change my name. 

There was at least 30 people waiting and I didn't think it was looking good! However the first # I hear and B151! I looked down at my ticket, and it was # B153! Say what? Apparently the SS Office is super smart and breaks everyone up by what you are there for. 

When you get a # you have punch in what you are there for. So my # was called like 5 minutes later! Of course the guys eyebrows went up seeing my long old last name! He said, "oh you have it much easier now!" Heck yes I do! Thanks for noticing Social Security man! Oh and he threw in a "congrats!" too! When I signed the papers he said, "be sure to sign with you new easier last name"! Thanks for the reminder....:-)! 

SS was a success! 

Now on to the DMV..sigh...!

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