Sunday, September 14, 2008

Decorating the Davis Casa...

So I heard about wall decals through a friend. She was unable to paint her room and instead used, wall decals. At first I was thinking, "what the heck are wall decals"? They honestly sounded..well, cheap! Ha! So I looked them up! O M G! I loved what I found. I looked all over and the best ones of course were found on I've always loved this site so I ordered one from the seller "single stone" . But there are tons on etsy. I just typed in "wall decals" in the search bar and a ton came up! This one we put in our room!
This was by far the hardest part-pix below! You had to peal the sticky stuff away from the design, making sure to leave the design on the wall! They recommeded a credit card to scrap the design down. I ended up using a combo of my hands, credit card and a spatula. Honestly you need patience for this part. Depending on your design of course! Mine had tiny little pointed edges that were super hard to get on the wall. But overall I only had one "bubble" in the whole design. You can't even tell! YAY!I also ordered some off of however they weren't as cute and also sent me one wrong one that I still need to send back! Annoying! These are the ones I got from there. We got this mirror at the OC Swap Meet! It's in our living room.
So all day Saturday was spent decorating the house. Steve put up all the mirrors & curtain rods! He even hung up a bunch of our wedding photo's! Then I did all the fun wall decal, design stuff! So fun! These's mirrors are in our room! Wedding gifts from Tamara & Andrew!

So then Saturday night, Steve's good friend, Darren and his family came over! His wife, Jenni is below. That is their son, Reagan-2yrs old and new daughter Cambria-4months! We had a really relaxing night!

On Sunday we went to El Dorado park to have a gamma phi reunion..only too find out it was just us, Jenn&David and Allison&Brandon! Since we see each other all the time it wasn't much of a reunion! We called around and seemed no one else was coming anytime soon! So we ditched the park! At least I got to say hi to Maddy! :-)

So on Sunday night Steve had to grade a bunch of essays! It was a super nice night so we moved everything to that patio. I actually helped him this time too. The only time I help is when their assignment involves drawing! I got to pick the best one based on the assignment given! So fun! Also learned a lot about his kids. Some was really cute but some seriously mad me want to cry. Some of these kids have had hard lives!

All now the weekend is!

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