Friday, May 24, 2013

Jocelyn's 1st Preschool Picture's!

In mid April Jocelyn had her 1st "school" photo taken! I just can't stand the cutness of these photos! She is just too adorable! We curled Jocelyn's hair the night before by twisting it into little tiny buns all over her head. Sent her off to school not sure what we would come back with! But I think the picture came out great!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Drew's 1st Birthday Party

 We celebrated Drew's 1st Birthday at his house with family! The girls wore dresses that Kelly and I wore when we were little. Even though they were spanish dresses it was still fun for the Cinco de Mayo theme!

 That is Emma's other cousin, Julia!
 Casen was obsessed with Jack's train table! He was so excited to play with it he was shaking! It was so cute!

 The birthday boy finally woke up!

 Love this picture! So funny!

 Even Grandma E wore the hat!

 Jack, Jocelyn and Drew

 Being silly!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

3.5 and 1.5

 I finally got a photo shoot of the kids for their 3 1/2 yr and 1 1/2 yr photos.
 But they were a bit all over the place!

 I think he is telling me he wants to be 15!?

 Casen was all done!

 So funny he thinks this the tight of weed you can blow!

 aww it doesn't work....
 sister will help!
 actually she grabbed it from him and said, "this is for my mother!"
 thanks baby girl!
 Time to dance!

 Now she was over it!

 Ok let's try the front yard!

 Got some lemonade.....a little refresher...

 nope...still not into it.

 She wanted to play baseball now!

 She said, "you put your foot like THIS...."