Monday, May 6, 2013

Grandpa Davis

 We have this blog so that we can show our kids the things we did while they grew up! The memories we made and the pictures we took! We always want them to remember the people who loved them most and who were in their lives from the beginning. Most of the things we post are happy times. Who wants to hear about the tantrums they have or the fit they threw in the middle of Target? We just want to read about the stuff that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. But as we all know, that is not life. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball you never saw coming. You never expected! You have to duck, hit it,or run? We all have different reactions. But in the end, God is with us through it all. He never gives us more than we can handle, even if that means taking it day by day....and even sometimes, minute by minute!

Almost 2 months ago, Grandpa Davis started having leg trouble. After a month we had the Disneyland trip. After the trip is was clear he needed to see some doctors. It took about 2 weeks before we heard any results. They threw around the word arthritis a lot. Which is what they thought it would be. But after some CAT scans they saw a mass in his brain. The attention turned to his head and then the 1st results. Cancer! What? This was shocking to hear for everyone involved. Grandpa Davis was immediately admitted into UCI and the doctors got busy testing to see what was going on.

The next day it was discovered that it had started in his lungs. He had non-smoker lung cancer-stage 4. The cancer spread to the brain and hip bone already. So much infomation coming at us from so many different doctors it was hard to keep up with them.

After 7 days he was transfered to a skilled nursing facility where he is now. He is recieving radiation to the brain and hip and may be starting chemo next week. The best news so far has been from the clinical trial doctor. It's fasinating to hear the research done on cancer and how far they really have come! We hope and pray this will give him a longer time with us!
 How does this effect the littlest people in our lives? We'll we aren't super sure yet. Jocelyn is the only one who can somewhat comprehend that her Grandpa is sick and her Daddy has to be with him a lot. Which means that he isn't with her as much. She either clings to Daddy when he comes home or acts very annoyed with him when he returns.

Leaving Grandpa Davis one day she said she was very sad. But she had no idea why! We try to help her 3 year old developed mind understand it all. We keep things light for her and her brother and obviously don't give too many details. She still runs around his bed like nothing is wrong! She laughs at him and draws him pictures for his room!

Casen on the other hand just knows Grandpa has some extra cool devices around that have wheels! He thinks that is pretty cool and loves to still give his Grandpa high fives!

All we can do is continue to support Grandpa and Grandma Davis through it all. We take it day by day and continue to pray! God is with us through it all!

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