Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Drums and Drawing

 Jocelyn drew this picture 2 days ago! It is her FIRST "people" with legs drawing! So we had to put it on the blog! She said they were "Veggie Tales". She is really into drawing circles and "O's" now! She can also spell her name completely and recognizes all the letters in her name! Her teacher said she is so into school and they crack up at how excited she acts everyday about learning!

 For Christmas one of our friends got Casen a drum set! We opened it last week since Casen was getting to a good age to play with it! He loved it and was so serious about his performance.

Jocelyn was into it too and had an entire band and singer playing behind her (in her mind of course). We have had several performances since we set it up! It's surprisingly not that loud!

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