Monday, June 29, 2009

Allison & John's Wedding

Steve and I went to Allison and John's wedding in Temecula at the Ponte winery on Friday! It was hot, but we weren't in the sun too much! The app's and drinks were served in the shade and the reception tent had the AC blasting! I was glad I brought my sweater because I definitely needed it a the reception tent!

Allison was the VP at Steve's school last year. She is at a new school this year but we have kept in touch with her and John.

We had a really good time with Jenn, David, Doug and Katie! I think the dancing was everyone's favorite part!

David, Stacey (one of the counselors was in the wedding) and Doug!
This cracked me up! There are a ton more of these but I thought I'd just post one! Everyone had a really good time on the dance floor and as you can see there was a few "dance offs"! Congratulations Allison and John!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Follow up appt.

Yesterday we had our follow up appt to see how my blood pressure was. The bottom number was still high but the top number was good. So she was a bit more happy with where I was. I'll just keep taking the medication for now and see how I am in the weeks to come. Next appt is in 2 weeks and I have to get a shot in the butt! Time for the Rh shot! More on that later!

We are off to a Allison and Jon's wedding in Temecula Friday and Saturday! We are looking forward to getting away for a short trip! We are hoping it won't be too hot though!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day and the Queen Mary

Sunday was Steve's first Father's Day! I made a card for him with one of our sonogram picture's on it! I found an "I heart my Daddy" onsie at Carter's and put it in the watch box I'd gotten him! He loved it! He is obsessed with watches so now he has a place to put them all! But it looks like I need to get him more to fill it up!

Then we were off to the Queen Mary for brunch with Steve's mom, dad, sister, bro-in-law and nephew, Nicolas! We all had a great time but we were all exhausted after walking all over the ship!

Nicolas exploring the engine room!

Love these last two picture's! So cute!

When we got home I took a 2 hr nap. I guess I was tired. My feet didn't swell all day! So still trying to figure out why they swelled a bit during the week but not on the weekends! Sigh..! I'm just going to keep walking and taking my medicine and see what happens. Our doctor wants to see me again on Wed. to make sure my blood pressure is down and the medicine is working. I hope it's a postive visit!

Steve started summer school today! He has about 20 kids. Let's hope it stays that way! No kids=no work! These kids are labeled as the "troubled" kids who are in danger of failing. Steve is so great with these types of kids. Hopefully he can inspire them to learn to love english again and excel in school next year! He only gets 5 wks with them so we will see!

He sure inspired his past class! Almost every kid wrote in Steve's yearbook that they use to hate english but Steve made them love it! He really had a great group of kids this past year! I even bonded with a few of them! So we hope he gets a great group next year too!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Family Time

So Kelly, Ryan, Emma and my mom all came over on Sunday to our house to have some family time. My mom is leaving June 22nd-July 6th for a Short Term Outreach Ministry (S.T.O.R.M for short) through her church, Calvary Church in Santa Ana. She did this 2 years ago as well. They are going to Skopje, which is the capital of Macedonia! There will be a total of 9 people going on the mission this time! Their goal is to teach ESL (english) to adults and children in the community. They will be teaming up with two of Calvary's missionaries who live there already! We pray they have a safe and successful trip!
So mom had to soak in a lot of Emma time!

Emma is hanging out with her cousin..heehee! Yep she is kickin it on my tummy! She actually thought this was hysterical and laughed the entire time. But of course we didn't catch that on camera! She is just too fast for us!

She was exhausted after all the playing!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Gluctose Update

I PASSED my 1 hour gluctose test!!! I'm soo happy!! **happy dance** for me!!! YIPPEEE!! Bring on the sweets! Just kidding....sorta!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gluctose and Blood Pressure

Yesterday was my gluctose screening test day. I got the orange flavored drink! It reminded me of HI-C Orange drink you can get at McDonald's! It was actually good to me! I didn't know you had to drink it within 5 minutes so that was fun! It does burn a bit going down but for the most part it was fine! After finishing the drink we had to wait an hour until they would take my blood. But to pass the time we met with the dr and also got another ultrasound! We didn't expect that! It definitely kept my mind off the fact that I had to give blood soon! When we were looking at her head, it looked like she was be-boppin to some music! The doctor said she had her head resting on the umblical cord so her head was moving to my pulse! So funny! She was moving a ton (most likely from the boost of sugar she had from that drink) so we got some fun shots of her. Of course they never look at good once she prints them out. But we could see how much her legs and everything had grown in 4 wks! Steve asked the dr to try and see her face. Of course right then she turned so we couldn't see it too well. But the dr thinks she has my nose. Which Steve was really happy about!
One bit of bad news is that my blood pressure was high. She said at this stage of pregnancy I should have the lowest blood pressure so she wanted to start me on medication. I take it twice a day and she wants me back in 2 wks to see if it's working. I've never had high blood pressure before so I was a bit bummed. Hopefully the medication does the trick and it's fine in 2 wks.
Next we went to the lab to draw my blood. When we got their Steve and I realized it was a totally different place than before. It was in the same building as our dr's office but definitely not the same place. There was a different lady in there too. I asked, "Where's Rosie?" The lady said, "OH there are like 3 different labs here, she probably works in another one!" I shot Steve a nervous look considering Rosie was fantastic and I didn't feel a thing! This new lady said "Cool beans" after almost everything I said. She even threw a "Oh tay" in there occasionally! I think once I even said, "Did you just say ohtay?"! She responded with a high pitched "OHHTAY!" I guess in her language that was a "yes"! She was super nice but I just really wanted Rosie back! As she started to stick me it immediately hurt and I looked at Steve with deer in headlight stare and dug my nails into his hands! Poor guy! She then proceded to tell us how she "had just seen a vein and now she didn't know what happened too it"! My only thought was, OMG stop talking and just get it done! I really wanted to say that but instead I focused on Steve's face! Finally it was over and now I have a nice bruise to show for it! Now I just prayyy that I pass this 1 hour so I do not have to be tortured with the 3 hour test! We are suppose to find out before the weekend is up!

Monday, June 8, 2009

6 months!

We are 6 months as of yesterday! Sorry no picture because I was super lazy and didn't take one. I'll take one soon. So all you get is an eggplant picture! Lots of the pregnancy books and online sources refer to your child as a particular fruit! It cracks me up. So this week our baby is supposedly the size of an eggplant! Interesting right?!!

This weekend we went to South Coast Plaza to do some serious maternity clothes shopping for me. Steve was super patient while the sales ladies brought, what seemed like the entire store, into my dressing room! They were hard core trying to sell me everything but I wasn't biting! I just wanted the basics to get me through the next 3 months. So I just got 3 pairs of pants (cargo/jeans/capris), 3 tops and 1 dress! We ended up getting it all at Destination Motherhood. They have pretty good prices if you stay away from their Pea In the Pod label! Steve was pushing this one top on me but I had to point out to him it was $88! Sorry, but that is so not worth it for something I'd wear for 3 months!

We also went to a concert this weekend to see a favorite band of Steve's, King's X. I'd only heard them a few times and they are on my "ok" music scale. I can tolerate them. The concert was held at the Galaxy in Costa Mesa. Steve made us reservations for dinner so we would have seats for sure. But then we found out that their would be 4 opening bands before Kings X. So that brought the time to 11:30pm! Way past our bed time! 3 out of the 4 bands were down right horrible!!!! But yet they still had some fans out there which made for some good people watching at least! Kings X was great once they finally came on but Steve and I were done at 12:15! I wasn't going to tell him to leave but I was SO happy when he wanted to leave first! They only had one more song to go and then the encore so we didn't miss much! All in all we had a great weekend!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Lexington's 1st Annual Iron Chef Competition

So yesterday I got to go to Steve's 1st Iron Chef comptetion at his school! They had to make 3 dishes with the chosen secret ingredient! It turned out to be CORN! Steve was really pushing for that one considering the other two were potatoes or eggs. He really didn't want it to be eggs! His team of all girls (picked randomly by the home ec. teacher) have been meeting after school for a few weeks now. They have been testing out recipes and deciding on what to do! They made a tomato, bacon, corn soup (that everyone loved), a carne asade, corn, potato, crossiant sorta thing and some other dish that had corn, tomatoes, avocado and garlic in it. They ended up tying for 3rd and 4th place with another team. Disappointing for sure but they did a really great job. It was hard because everyone took it so seriously and the judges had a very difficult time deciding the winner.

The judges! Tish (a home ec teacher at Brookhurst JH), a real chef (not sure what his name was) and their principle, Dr. Wales!
Steve telling the girls what to do..they were nervous I think!
They taped the whole thing! Throughout the hour they taped each teacher telling what their team was making.

The prize was these fancy aprons along with a golden spoon! Cute.

Almost ready for the judges to taste!
Steve presenting to the judges with his team!

The big hit was his tomato soup with bacon and white corn blended together!

Steve's collaboration special ed teacher, Mike! That is his son Antonio, showing me his "monkey face!" Had to keep him entertained somehow! Congrats to Ms. Stewarts winning team!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shannon and Dominic's Baby girl is HERE!

Charlotte "Charlie" Leigh was born on June 3rd at 9:38am! She was 6lbs, 13oz and 19 inches long. She is adorable and perfect already! I went to go visit Shannon, Dominic and Charlie at the hospital last night. Mom is a bit sore after her c-section but everyone is doing well!

I love this one! I stole this from Mark and Missy! Thanks guys!
Looking at her dad like he is already her hero! So cute!

Her Aunties, minus Jenn! Next time we will get Jenn in there too!