Friday, June 5, 2009

Lexington's 1st Annual Iron Chef Competition

So yesterday I got to go to Steve's 1st Iron Chef comptetion at his school! They had to make 3 dishes with the chosen secret ingredient! It turned out to be CORN! Steve was really pushing for that one considering the other two were potatoes or eggs. He really didn't want it to be eggs! His team of all girls (picked randomly by the home ec. teacher) have been meeting after school for a few weeks now. They have been testing out recipes and deciding on what to do! They made a tomato, bacon, corn soup (that everyone loved), a carne asade, corn, potato, crossiant sorta thing and some other dish that had corn, tomatoes, avocado and garlic in it. They ended up tying for 3rd and 4th place with another team. Disappointing for sure but they did a really great job. It was hard because everyone took it so seriously and the judges had a very difficult time deciding the winner.

The judges! Tish (a home ec teacher at Brookhurst JH), a real chef (not sure what his name was) and their principle, Dr. Wales!
Steve telling the girls what to do..they were nervous I think!
They taped the whole thing! Throughout the hour they taped each teacher telling what their team was making.

The prize was these fancy aprons along with a golden spoon! Cute.

Almost ready for the judges to taste!
Steve presenting to the judges with his team!

The big hit was his tomato soup with bacon and white corn blended together!

Steve's collaboration special ed teacher, Mike! That is his son Antonio, showing me his "monkey face!" Had to keep him entertained somehow! Congrats to Ms. Stewarts winning team!

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