Monday, June 29, 2009

Allison & John's Wedding

Steve and I went to Allison and John's wedding in Temecula at the Ponte winery on Friday! It was hot, but we weren't in the sun too much! The app's and drinks were served in the shade and the reception tent had the AC blasting! I was glad I brought my sweater because I definitely needed it a the reception tent!

Allison was the VP at Steve's school last year. She is at a new school this year but we have kept in touch with her and John.

We had a really good time with Jenn, David, Doug and Katie! I think the dancing was everyone's favorite part!

David, Stacey (one of the counselors was in the wedding) and Doug!
This cracked me up! There are a ton more of these but I thought I'd just post one! Everyone had a really good time on the dance floor and as you can see there was a few "dance offs"! Congratulations Allison and John!

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