Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Last Day of our stay-cation!

 Steve and I were playing outside with the kids when we heard the ice cream truck! 1st time this summer! So we got the kids some treats! Why do they always come before dinner!? Ugh!

 Last night we did a jam session! Daddy played the guitar (his grandpa's-same one Casen sat on when he was a newborn) and Jocelyn and Casen shared the drums!

 I love this!

 Jocelyn dancing to the music. She was shirtless because, "it's too hot mom!" but I made her put on this bikini top!


 Jack turned 3 in June! He has a race car party! This vendor was so cool! He comes to you and brings endless race car tracks and cars. This one only 1 of the 4 he brought! The kids were at a huge park and the majority never left these tables! Even the girls loved it too!

 Jocelyn and Ty
 Jocelyn, Emma and Ty
 My cousins also came down from Seattle to visit us! It was so great to see them!

 Casen sat right down with Aria and started coloring. He kept looking at her and baby talking. So sweet!
 The kids all eating together!
 Grandma E got cupcakes and icing for the kids to decorate! From 9yrs to 20 months all kids love that activities!

More Summer....

 1st day of swim class! "mom can I wear this boots to swim class" and then she did this pose! Seriously?? She cracks us up!
 About to go into the pool!
Jocelyn started to cry and then Casen started to cry! We were "those parents" who's kids were crying so hard no one could hear the instructor! OY!
But after some time....Casen was splashing and having a blast. Daddy and I switched and he hung with Jocelyn who was still very scared!
By class two she put her head under....class 3 last weekend she was kicking and floating on her back! Go Jocelyn! Now we have to keep it up!

 The day after 4th of July our neighbors came home and Casen started to say, "HI! HI!!" and ran to our cooler and started trying to pull it to their house! He never wanted the party to end!

 More outside fun continued all weekend!

 She started painting the chalk which turned into paint! "mom look my feet are blue!"
 Jocelyn dancing with her blue hands and feet!
 This was Jocelyn's 1st time on Autopia at Disneyland-with Daddy! Casen isn't tall enough yet!

 Last swim class! Jocelyn was exhausted and not into smiling!

4th of July

 Since the 4th was on a Thursday this year I had a 4 day weekend! We started Wed night with going to Disneyland and seeing the fireworks. It was the 1st time the kids stayed awake to watch it!
 Waiting for the fireworks!

 Waiting for the princesses!

 4th of July morning at around 10am! All the neighborhood kids were out by 11! Jocelyn played with the neighborhood kids between 10am and 6:45pm! Without stopping! 4 of us had little pools out in our yards so the kids went back and forth between all of them. Then we had the usually potluck and closed down the street! It's nice to stay close to home and just relax. My mom came over and hung out with us too.

 Grandma bought bubble blowers!

 Daddy went to see Grandpa so I was waiting to get the tent up! My mom and I couldn't do it alone. But the kids didn't mind. It was just their height!

 Looking for fish with her goggles!

 Fast forward to 6:45pm! She was still outside and did NOT want to go in! I finally walked in and put her on the couch!
Casen took a 4 hour nap so at 5 he was ready to go!
So back out I went with him and left Jocelyn with Daddy inside!
Fireworks came around 8:45 which is when I woke her up so watch them since I promised!

Casen was having a blast at the neighbors bonfire as we watched the fireworks until 10:30! He cried all the way down the street when I made him go to bed!

What a fun day!!

 This was Casen earlier in the day begging me for another popsicle. He knows they are in the garage fridge so he knew exactly where to go! By the way I'm not the meanest mom ever it was just his 4th and so it was time for less sugar! Ha! He's just too darn cute not to take a photo of that!