Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More Summer....

 1st day of swim class! "mom can I wear this boots to swim class" and then she did this pose! Seriously?? She cracks us up!
 About to go into the pool!
Jocelyn started to cry and then Casen started to cry! We were "those parents" who's kids were crying so hard no one could hear the instructor! OY!
But after some time....Casen was splashing and having a blast. Daddy and I switched and he hung with Jocelyn who was still very scared!
By class two she put her head under....class 3 last weekend she was kicking and floating on her back! Go Jocelyn! Now we have to keep it up!

 The day after 4th of July our neighbors came home and Casen started to say, "HI! HI!!" and ran to our cooler and started trying to pull it to their house! He never wanted the party to end!

 More outside fun continued all weekend!

 She started painting the chalk which turned into paint! "mom look my feet are blue!"
 Jocelyn dancing with her blue hands and feet!
 This was Jocelyn's 1st time on Autopia at Disneyland-with Daddy! Casen isn't tall enough yet!

 Last swim class! Jocelyn was exhausted and not into smiling!

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