Sunday, February 24, 2013

Grandpa E Visit

 Grandpa E is visiting from Maine right now! He took us to the LB Aquarium on Saturday and then out to lunch at Gladstones! We are a really great time together!

 Then we came home and Uncle Ryan dropped off Drew so that Kelly and Ryan could have a date night.
 He was loving Uncle Stephen!

 Jocelyn found her fire hat!

 But then about an hour after Drew had been there all the kids were playing and then Jocelyn accidentally locked herself in the bathroom!
 Jocelyn was so scared after a few minutes! We felt so bad! But we just kept talking to her and telling her we would get her out! Daddy ended up having to take the door off! Poor girl!

 Casen was concerned! Jocelyn was crying, as well as Drew by the end of it all! That was probably the highest point of stress with 3 kids! The rest of the night went fairly well!
 Drew even took a short nap in the outside sing!

 It started to get windy so I put a blanket on him since he was still sleeping!

 More aquarium! They are out of order but you get the point! They had a craft corner and Jocelyn made a necklace!

 Walking back from lunch!
 Casen got a little jealous of Drew sometimes! But overall he handled it OK!

 Bottle time! Almost time for bed boys!!!

Drew got picked up the next day at 11! We had a great day and made it work!

 Some chalk drawing on the driveway!


 Casen thought this was hysterical! He loved it!
Another great but exhausting weekend! Time for some sleep!

Last Week

 Here are some of our photos from last week! We went to the park!

 We rode our bikes! We ran around....

 We had dance class!

 We wore backbacks!
 We danced like princesses and princes!

We pouted!!