Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend Fun!

Our 3 day weekend filled up pretty fast! Friday night we let Jocelyn play "side" (outside) as she loves to do. She has preferred the front yard lately but goes back and forth!
Very serious about feeding her baby!
Notice her painted toe nails!? I painted them last week for the first time ever! Rather emotional for a mommy I have to say!
Then Saturday we went to a friends Graduation party! I did her invites which I will post on my design blog soon! She went back to school to get her Masters in Speech Pathology!
They have two kids so there was lots of toys to play with!
We also have taken lots of naps this weekend. Jocelyn still takes two naps a day if we let her. But lately she has wanted to sleep next to me. So I'm not going to turn down snuggle time or a nap! No complaining here!
Then it was off to Ryder's birthday party! It was a motorcycle party! Ryder and Jocelyn gave each other a high five!
Callie was there as well and loves to play with Jocelyn!
Ryder almost forgot that the course was in a circle and he kept going straight. But he won the race!

Jocelyn staying safely on the side lines!

Checking out the cones!
Then back at home to do some more playing outside! All babies in the pool...including strollers!

"OHHH..." don't forget your sunblock!

Time for bath and bedtime!
We have a few plans for tomorrow but who knows what the day will bring! More food, friends and fun though that is for sure!
Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Nursery Inspiration for Baby Boy!

Everyone knows that Steve loves the band RUSH! What everyone may not know is that Steve use to be in several bands growing up. He always played the drums of course! Up intil he met me actually! A few short months after we met, his drums were stolen out of his garage! Considering we then decided to get married and start a family quickly there after, they have sadly still not been replaced. We will however, someday do this and Steve will continue his drumming experience.

But until then, he continues to enjoy the sounds of RUSH and follow his favorite drummer, Neil Peart!

When trying to come up with a theme for Casen's room we thought it would be fun to incorporate that interest into it!

I'm not the biggest fan of doing the usual theme/colors. I also really like bright and bold colors! It's very hard to avoid baby blue when decorating a baby boys room. So it became a new challenge to find something bold, bright and fun to do for a baby boys room and stick to the "music" theme! I wanted to somehow mix in some RUSH posters with the color scheme....

and also the drum theme at the same time!
We found big wall decals of drum sillouttes that we will use on his wall-most likely above his crib!

Trying to find "drum" fabric was almost impossible though. I DID find some but at $15 a yard I had to find another way. Then I found the above! Michael Miller's Groovy Guitar print. I'd seen this print several times before but never in this color scheme. I loved it! It also seem to fit the model music theme were were going for! It also had NO baby BLUE in it! Another huge plus of course! I love the lagoon blue/articoke green/grey/black and white colors that really POP out!

(above is from sellar: Trouser on

I found several sellers on that sell this bedding. But none that had EXACTLY what I wanted! So off to The Baby Guy at the OC swap meet we went! Visit him on He is always there rain or shine in row "J" towards the back.

He knew exactly what we wanted! We designed our bedding with him this weekend and in 5 wks we will have it! I'll post picture's when we get it! I can't wait! Such a fun experience to design it all ourselves too! He is so easy and helpful to work with! It's similar to the one above!

Then I'm going to use some RUSH posters and photoshop the colors in the fabric into the posters. We found some cheap teal frames at Target that will work!

We also found a articoke green rimmed mirror to put above his changing table at Target for $5! Score!!

We will do a white crib which we still need to get. We are scoping out deals now!

We have even found some really affordable rocking chairs at IKEA and that would go with the colors and theme of the room without going over budget!

(above is from seller: sewcuteinaz on

I also found a seller on that does baby carseat covers. We will see what the budget is at after we finish his room and if there is room for this! But how could we not go for it right? It's just so cute!!

There are several sellers on that use this fabric! The possiblities are endless and oh so fun!!! I just typed in "groovy guitar" to and came up with a million listings for bibs, outfits, burb clothes and more!

I can't wait to post picture's once his room is done!

Friday, May 20, 2011

What's in a name...

Here are some random picture's to look at that have nothing to do with this post! Jocelyn very proud of her slip on, flame shoes. My friend Missy gave these to us for Casen since they don't fit her son. But Jocelyn wanted to wear them and they fit her perfectly!

Jocelyn likes to do this on occasion!

Admiring herself in the mirror at Golden Spoon. Melts my heart!

Not wanting to come in after playing outside....pretending to not see me I think!

This is how she sleeps in her carseat a lot. She loves to put her hands up over her head. She does this often in her highchair too! So funny!

OK, on to the meaning for the post:

When we found out we were having a girl, we knew immediately what her name would be. Steve and I had always loved the name Jocelyn and had basically stored it away since we were dating. Also a plus, he never had a student with that name. Being married to a teacher, this is a huge thing for them! Many names get ruled out as the years pass by! So you can imagine how hard it might be to pick out one that hasn't come across his roll call list at least one year! He sees over 200 students each day for 10 months every year! So if one of those leaves a negative impression that name would always bring back bad memories and would for sure be out to name a future child by!

Jocelyn was really our only girls name that we had. We also had a boy name ready since we had been dating as well.

So when we found out we were having a boy we again knew exactly what we would name him! I'm so thankful it wasn't a hard process for us!

With Jocelyn we saved the name until she was born and revealed it as people met her.

But this time around we decided to do it differently and tell the name.

We are naming our son, Casen Patrick!

We both LOVED the name and are so excited to tell everyone! His middle name is Steve's middle name. So we thought that would be perfect as well. Also a plus, Steve has never had a student with this name either!

There are many ways to spell Casen. But we picked this way because it just fit right and we liked the way it looked the best! We didn't like it with a "K" as it felt too feminine to us! We think this spelling is going to fit him just right and we can't wait to tell him his name!

Monday, May 16, 2011

20 Week Anatomy Scan

( i don't know why i can't get these ultrasound pix to be bigger-ugh)

So last Wed we had our "big 20 wk scan" doctors appt. They measure all the body parts, inside and out and make sure all is growing normally! Everything IS! Woohoo!

We actually got some super cute picture's of him this time too! First photo you can even count his ribs! It's also a great profile shot!

This one you can see his arm bone and his leg bones! So cool! He is only about 6 1/2 inches long right now!

This one he was stretching his head way it looks a little funky! He is all snuggled up in there with his hands near his face. He licked his hand once too when we were watching him-or so the doctor said he did! HA! I saw him bring his hand to his mouth but didn't notice that detail!

I really don't like to bring Jocelyn to our appts now because she gets very upset when they work on me. But the doctor insisted we bring the whole family! But again it was the same with her.

At one point the doctor had an emergency call from another dr so she had to leave us for a few minutes. That REALLY sent Jocelyn over the edge. She kept pointing to the gel they use on my belly as if she was very alarmed by it! Poor baby girl!

So basically we will leave her at home with Steve when we can. Next appt is the gluctose test so Steve has to go-to the blood part at least! He calms me down since I HATE getting my blood taken! BLECK!!!!

So another month!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's a...

Wait let's back up.....

Way back on my birthday in October, Stephen gave me a Tiffany's gift card to go pick out anything I wanted (i got a super pretty double banded ring). On the card it said, "Let's go for another baby....Jocelyn wants a brother!" SAY WHAT?

We had been talking about it but always saying we would not try until Jocelyn was at least 1 or her health issues were somewhat under wraps. Looking back I find it funny that "Jocelyn" asked for a brother!

At my 16 wk week (actually 15wks and 3 days) appt I told Steve to stay home with Jocelyn as it would be a pretty uneventful appt based on Jocelyn during that time.

So you can imagine how surprised I was when the nurse (our favorite one) said, "so are you going to have the dr tell you the sex today if she can tell?" My reaction was sort of shock. I said, "what? she might be able to tell?" As I remember with Jocelyn our doctor wouldn't even guess until our full anatomy scan! So then my mind started to race as I realized Steve wasn't with me. Do I call him and see if he and Jocelyn can come down to the drs now? Do I not find out? What to do!

So as I waited for the doctor it all the sudden popped into my head! I will have her write it on a piece of paper if she can tell and take it home to Steve and Jocelyn so we can all find out as a family!

So the doctor came in and explained my plan! She did the super fast ultrasound and started to walk out the door. I said, "wait, so could you tell?" She said, "OH YEAH-I'm getting an envelope!"

Ekk I was so excited!

So off I went home with envelope in hand! I walked in the door with a huge smile on my face. Steve said, "WHAT? did you find out!?" I said, "No, but this envelope knows!"

We got ourselves and the camera ready and went to find out if we were having a boy or girl this time!

Of course Jocelyn was very curious what all the excitement was about! She was right in the action as always!
The doctor put an ultrasound pix with a sticky note over it saying, "Baby Davis"....
The we took the sticky note off to reveal the wording, "Baby BOY!" It's a BOY!!
Jocelyn was studying his picture very intently!
She carried it around the house all night saying, "Baby!" and then would point to it!
With No prompting at ALL she went to her phone! We were laughing so hard! It was as if she knew that we needed to call all our family and friends!
"Hey Brody, I'm getting a brother!"..or so I imagine this is what she was saying!
So that night I baked two blue cakes and iced them with white icing so you couldn't see the blue cake part. Then we took one over to Steve's parents house....

and had one with my mom and Aunt Cherie!
All grandma's, grandpa's and great aunts were very excited!!!!!!!!! Can you tell? HA!

So yep, baby boy to debut 9/30! Woohoo!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Beach and making cupcakes

Jocelyn is saying, "bye bye" to the beach about 2 minutes after we arrived!

I forgot to load up these beach pictures we took in San Diego as well.
Now she is asking for her shoes..
and back to the car!
Some random picture's of Jocelyn helping me make cupcakes one morning!
First time licking the wisk!

Exahausted after that apparently..."ni-ni" with her baby!