Friday, May 20, 2011

What's in a name...

Here are some random picture's to look at that have nothing to do with this post! Jocelyn very proud of her slip on, flame shoes. My friend Missy gave these to us for Casen since they don't fit her son. But Jocelyn wanted to wear them and they fit her perfectly!

Jocelyn likes to do this on occasion!

Admiring herself in the mirror at Golden Spoon. Melts my heart!

Not wanting to come in after playing outside....pretending to not see me I think!

This is how she sleeps in her carseat a lot. She loves to put her hands up over her head. She does this often in her highchair too! So funny!

OK, on to the meaning for the post:

When we found out we were having a girl, we knew immediately what her name would be. Steve and I had always loved the name Jocelyn and had basically stored it away since we were dating. Also a plus, he never had a student with that name. Being married to a teacher, this is a huge thing for them! Many names get ruled out as the years pass by! So you can imagine how hard it might be to pick out one that hasn't come across his roll call list at least one year! He sees over 200 students each day for 10 months every year! So if one of those leaves a negative impression that name would always bring back bad memories and would for sure be out to name a future child by!

Jocelyn was really our only girls name that we had. We also had a boy name ready since we had been dating as well.

So when we found out we were having a boy we again knew exactly what we would name him! I'm so thankful it wasn't a hard process for us!

With Jocelyn we saved the name until she was born and revealed it as people met her.

But this time around we decided to do it differently and tell the name.

We are naming our son, Casen Patrick!

We both LOVED the name and are so excited to tell everyone! His middle name is Steve's middle name. So we thought that would be perfect as well. Also a plus, Steve has never had a student with this name either!

There are many ways to spell Casen. But we picked this way because it just fit right and we liked the way it looked the best! We didn't like it with a "K" as it felt too feminine to us! We think this spelling is going to fit him just right and we can't wait to tell him his name!

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