Monday, May 16, 2011

20 Week Anatomy Scan

( i don't know why i can't get these ultrasound pix to be bigger-ugh)

So last Wed we had our "big 20 wk scan" doctors appt. They measure all the body parts, inside and out and make sure all is growing normally! Everything IS! Woohoo!

We actually got some super cute picture's of him this time too! First photo you can even count his ribs! It's also a great profile shot!

This one you can see his arm bone and his leg bones! So cool! He is only about 6 1/2 inches long right now!

This one he was stretching his head way it looks a little funky! He is all snuggled up in there with his hands near his face. He licked his hand once too when we were watching him-or so the doctor said he did! HA! I saw him bring his hand to his mouth but didn't notice that detail!

I really don't like to bring Jocelyn to our appts now because she gets very upset when they work on me. But the doctor insisted we bring the whole family! But again it was the same with her.

At one point the doctor had an emergency call from another dr so she had to leave us for a few minutes. That REALLY sent Jocelyn over the edge. She kept pointing to the gel they use on my belly as if she was very alarmed by it! Poor baby girl!

So basically we will leave her at home with Steve when we can. Next appt is the gluctose test so Steve has to go-to the blood part at least! He calms me down since I HATE getting my blood taken! BLECK!!!!

So another month!

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