Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm going home!!

Mommy wants me to look extra pretty when we leave the hospital!

We are waiting for one more form to fill out and then we are off like a herd of turtles!

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Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm feeling better!

I am starting to feel better after a week long trip in the CHOC hospital in Mission Veijo!

I originally was admitted with viral pneaumonia/bronchiolitus. At one point, they were worried I had diabetes, but they were just being silly!

Two days ago I got a bladder infection somehow...I did not like getting IV's; I had seven blown veins in three days! That was the hardest part for daddy....

Thankfully mommy was there the entire time and took such great care of me - Thanx mommy!

So, I may get to go home tomorrow, please pray for me!

Jocelyn Jane Ione Davis

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting Better!

Jocelyn was sick this weekend for the first time! She started to get hoarse Wed morning. She had a little runny nose but only in the morning. We watched her Thursday and Friday too! The hoarse voice continued but she was still her usual self! Eating, sleeping and smiling just like normal. Then on Saturday morning she woke up coughing. It was one of those coughs where you just know it had settled in her chest! Mommy instinct said we needed to check it out with the drs!

We went to the "sick" waiting room for the first time! We made sure we were the first ones there! They don't take walk-ins but since the first patient hadn't shown up yet they took us! So thankful for that! The doctor listened to her chest and immediately said it was RSV! Respitory Virus-or baby bronchitis! All I knew about RSV was that it can land many kids in the hospital so it was very scary to me. They said it wasn't too bad and that she didn't need a breathing treatment yet. She was wheezing but not too bad yet. The doctor said it gets worse before it gets better but most kids are sick for at least a week if not 3!

Saturday night was the worst! 7pm-3am. Once 4am hit we could totally tell her cough changed for the better! It was still bad but breaking up! No more wheezing and no more crackling in her chest! Yay!

Through it all she never got a fever! She is sleeping pretty peacefully now. With a few coughs here and there but nothing that is waking her up just yet!

Hopefully we are on the mend now and have seen the worst of this one!

Love you baby girl!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Water leak

So last week Steve and I kept hearing running water. But the sprinklers weren't on and no faucets were on so we were confused! You may already know where this is going! Since we rent our house we called the owner! She came over with her son and our neighbor who is a plumber! So it was confirmed that we did indeed have a water leak under the house! But where?

Well the plumber put a big hole in the wall behind our couch to figure that all out! I'm not sure what to do with that! I'm not a plumber but it seems really crazy to just start putting holes in the walls to find the leak! But what's the alternative I guess? So all I can say is thank you lord for this not being our expense right now! Although we do get to live with this mess for a bit now! Sigh....! I just pray they find the leak and patch it up as quick as they can! This plumber does not seem like the fastest man in the world!


I guess I wanted to docuement this somewhere! I know if I write this down it will probably change tomorrow! However, baby girl has slept through the night for 3 nights now! She definitely has a few pacifier replacement requests, but it's getting to be even fewer and fewer of those now too! Last night she only had one request!

We are finally falling into a routine...well sorta! I get home around 5 and I feed Jocelyn and then she naps for about 40 minutes. For whatever reason she goes down easy for her morning naps at daycare but refuses to sleep after her 2:30 bottle! So when Steve picks her up she is so tired! So when I feed her she always falls right alseep! After her nap she will play with me until around 7:30 or 8 when we give her a bath (every other night) and off to dream land she goes!

I'm still breastfeeding her in the mornings and twice at night. I pump during the day at work! Still pumping 15oz during the day so hopefully that keeps up! It's basically what she eats at daycare! But I still have frozen milk that I give Lori (daycare lady) from back in Novemeber! So I have a pretty good supply of over 100oz to keep her going for awhile!

She will be 3 1/2 months tomorrow! She is learning new things everyday! She LOVES the mornings and is such a talker and smiles SO big! Definitely a morning girl so far! At night she is much quieter and just exhausted from playing at daycare all day!

Our cousins from Seatle come into town tonight! Jocelyn can't wait to meet them!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fun with Jocelyn

I finally like tummy time! Yippee!

I love my blanket that Grandma E made me!
Night night time! Getting very sleepy!

We put Jocelyn in this to walk around the car lots! She loved it!
But didn't like the sunglasses so much!
Much better!
Jocelyn is cooing and "talking" so much now! She loves repeating "hiiiii" and "whoooo" with her Daddy! It's so fun to watch! If anyone around her is talking she starting talking back immediately! She loves being social I guess! Wonder where she got that from! ?

We got a new car this weekend! Jocelyn was SO amazingly good the entire time! Everyone commented that she was even better than some adults! Ha! So now we have a new Chevy Traverse 2010! We will post picture soon!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

3 Months!

Jocelyn is 3 months today! How did 3 months go by already?

She has another checkup on Monday so we will update her weight and height then!

She is offically out of all newborn sized sleepers. All because of her length! Her little feet are trying to bust right through! She is still in Newborn diapers though! I never thought she would be in them this long!

Her newest milestones are noticing her hands and always trying to put them in her mouth! She'd put her entire fist in her mouth if it was possible! She still loves her pacifier and will try to still put her hands in her mouth when she has her pacifier in!

One of her favortite things to do when she is tired it to rub her head above her ear back and forth! She mostly does this when she is very tired or eating!

Jocelyn loves to kick, kick, kick her feet! Especially when she is having her diaper changed! She loves talking to her headbands and bows hanging on the wall during this time as well!

Jocelyn is taking 3 naps still and eating once during the night. She moved into her crib New Years night and never looked back! She takes all her naps in her crib too but still sleeps the longest in mom or dad's arms!

She is still exclusively breastfeeding and getting the hang of the bottle as well. She will start daycare on Monday so she will take all feeding by bottle during the day!

Jocelyn loves talking to her mom and dad too! We will say "hiii" and it totally sounds like she says "hiiiii" back! It's pretty cute. It's so fun to ear her copy our sounds!

Happy 3 months baby girl!