Thursday, January 14, 2010

Water leak

So last week Steve and I kept hearing running water. But the sprinklers weren't on and no faucets were on so we were confused! You may already know where this is going! Since we rent our house we called the owner! She came over with her son and our neighbor who is a plumber! So it was confirmed that we did indeed have a water leak under the house! But where?

Well the plumber put a big hole in the wall behind our couch to figure that all out! I'm not sure what to do with that! I'm not a plumber but it seems really crazy to just start putting holes in the walls to find the leak! But what's the alternative I guess? So all I can say is thank you lord for this not being our expense right now! Although we do get to live with this mess for a bit now! Sigh....! I just pray they find the leak and patch it up as quick as they can! This plumber does not seem like the fastest man in the world!

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