Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm feeling better!

I am starting to feel better after a week long trip in the CHOC hospital in Mission Veijo!

I originally was admitted with viral pneaumonia/bronchiolitus. At one point, they were worried I had diabetes, but they were just being silly!

Two days ago I got a bladder infection somehow...I did not like getting IV's; I had seven blown veins in three days! That was the hardest part for daddy....

Thankfully mommy was there the entire time and took such great care of me - Thanx mommy!

So, I may get to go home tomorrow, please pray for me!

Jocelyn Jane Ione Davis

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Grandma Eck said...

Jocelyn, you look so cute with your new bear. I bet you have missed having on a headband. You look so pretty. Love, Grandma