Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting Better!

Jocelyn was sick this weekend for the first time! She started to get hoarse Wed morning. She had a little runny nose but only in the morning. We watched her Thursday and Friday too! The hoarse voice continued but she was still her usual self! Eating, sleeping and smiling just like normal. Then on Saturday morning she woke up coughing. It was one of those coughs where you just know it had settled in her chest! Mommy instinct said we needed to check it out with the drs!

We went to the "sick" waiting room for the first time! We made sure we were the first ones there! They don't take walk-ins but since the first patient hadn't shown up yet they took us! So thankful for that! The doctor listened to her chest and immediately said it was RSV! Respitory Virus-or baby bronchitis! All I knew about RSV was that it can land many kids in the hospital so it was very scary to me. They said it wasn't too bad and that she didn't need a breathing treatment yet. She was wheezing but not too bad yet. The doctor said it gets worse before it gets better but most kids are sick for at least a week if not 3!

Saturday night was the worst! 7pm-3am. Once 4am hit we could totally tell her cough changed for the better! It was still bad but breaking up! No more wheezing and no more crackling in her chest! Yay!

Through it all she never got a fever! She is sleeping pretty peacefully now. With a few coughs here and there but nothing that is waking her up just yet!

Hopefully we are on the mend now and have seen the worst of this one!

Love you baby girl!

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