Wednesday, March 25, 2009

8 months..

So it's been 8 months since we have been married today. Yes, we acknowledge the months the first year at least! Seems longer! In a good way! HA! I think maybe that is because so much has happened since then. We have officically known we were pregnant for 2 months now. I'm 13wks..and 3 days! Wed right? I'm really bad with days lately! So 2 months since Steve woke up and said, "So did you pee on a stick? What'd it say!?" He missed the Duck with the words "daddy" on it next to the bed apparently! HA! I suspected I was pregnant all week but we didn't take the test until Sat. morning! We didn't want to have to leave each other after we found out. So Sat. worked best even though it killed me to wait that long! So my "bad, sick to my stomach days" are more spread out now. If I am sick it's mostly at night now. So that is good. The baby is not liking lactose so much so I have to be careful how much cheese and milk I consume. We have our next appt on tax day, April 15th. We get to do all the fun filled tests that day. We will be 16 wks then and I'm hoping that the dr will try to at least see what we are having by then. If not, we have to wait 4 more wks after that! Although, not knowing is really helping us not spend money right now. So maybe it's a good thing to wait! Happy 8 months baby baby!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kelly and Ryan

Happy 2 year anniversary Kelly and Ryan! Hard to believe we were getting ready for your wedding 2 years ago today! I had only known Steve for 3 months then! Crazy how times flies! Look where we are all at now! Wow! I can't wait to babysit so you two can properly celebrate! Yay!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Jordan's 2nd Birthday party

On sunday we went to Jordan's 2nd birthday party! Missy did a Spain theme this year! She even hired a spanish dancer which the kids were messerized by! She even taught all the kids some of her moves!

Maddy and Jordan liked the stomping their feet part the best!

Missy made yummy cupcakes too! Maddy had it all over her! Too cute! Lots of fun! Happy Birthday Jordan! Man we have a lot of March birthday's!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Stephen Davis

YAY it's your birthday! I hope you have an amazing day!

Steve's mom, dad and I went in and got him a gift card to get the BBQ he has been wanting! I know he will put it to good use! We are hoping I can deal with a any resturant food tonight to celebrate!

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

12 wks, 3 days!

So Wed. we had our 12wks, 3 day doctors appt. It was a fairly simple one actually. We just got an ultrasound and that was really it. Everything looks great! The dr was happy and so were we! The baby was sitting indian style in the ultrasound picture with their hand up by their head. In one of the picture you could even see both bones in the upper arm (for some reason that pix doesnt want to load up)! So amazing! We feel so blessed. Next appt will be the big NT scan! This was the best picture we got out of the 6 she gave us. Yay!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day

Today is Emma's 2 wks birthday, my grandma's birthday and a good friend of mine, Kristi's birthday! In honor of everyone I'm putting a picture of Emma! Ha!
Steve has his first soccor game as we speak so hopefully they are winning! Steve has a big birthday this week too! We can't wait to celebrate!
Well happy St. Patty's day to everyone! Oh to the days of being at the bar all day drinking green beer. Why did we do that again?! I'm sure I have friends still doing that today. But no green beer for me this year! I'll have to settle for smelling Steve's wine tonight! Sadly I can smell it across the room and it doesn't smell good..sigh!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pink Slip Friday

In honor of all the teachers possibly getting pink slips this friday, please wear pink tomorrow! Yet another CA budget cut is forcing pink slips to go out to thousands of teachers, aids and adminstrators tomorrow. Keep these people in your prayers! I just bought Steve two pink shirts to pick from to wear to show his support. It's really hard to find, the "manliest pink shirt" I can find! Steve's words! Hopefully he likes one of them. If not, I think I'll just make him a pink ribbon or button to wear. Thank goodness Steve is not one of these teachers! Whew!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

More Emma!

I pretty much couldn't resist taking a ton more picture's of Emma on Satuday! My mom and I went over to spend some time with Kelly and Emma while Ryan went to his nephew's 2nd birthday party. We had such a fun, peaceful time. I even got to change her diaper. I figured I needed the practice since it's probably been about 5 years since I changed a newborns diapers! I forgot how squirmy they can be. I'm also not so use to a girl! I'm use to boys where you can just put a diaper over their "parts" and they won't pee everywhere. As many of you know, girls aren't so much like that! So I managed to get her outfit all dirty and we had to change! What fun though! She was so patient with her Aunt Kari which I appreciated! I'm glad I got some practice in though!
Emma snuggled up to her mommy!

Emma's first close up! Look at that chin! Aww!

Snoozing on grandma!

She is in her crib for the first time here! We had to see how she liked it! She is wearing her handmade blanket from Grandma E of course! She loves it! can't you tell?

Grandma E in heaven! Giving Emma kisses on her head! It smelled so good!

I had to get Emma an early easter basket! She got 2 newborn onsies because all her outfits are just so big! She also got rabbit ears and socks! I got her some easter eggs with M&M's in them! But her mommy eat them! Sorry Emma!

Big yawn! Time to sleep some more!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We are officially and Aunt and Uncle!

Emma Jewell was born on March 3, 2009 at 4pm! She's 7lbs and 9oz and just perfect! We are such proud auntie and uncle! Kelly was such a tropper and did an amazing job! Ryan and Kelly finally got some rest last night. Baby Emma is doing well!